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Brown Kid

Rusty Strings


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If the musically adventurous among you can embrace the wildly cool, culturally mind-bending geographic concept of a Peruvian born singer-songwriter striking ground in Alabama, hitting the sand in Jamaica, then recording a new EP in Nashville, you might just dig Rusty Strings – the fresh, infectious new collection by a multi-talented artist who goes by “Brown Kid”, a moniker that winks playfully at his heritage and the way he is sometimes perceived by folks in the state he calls home.

Brown Kid is a laid back beachy folk musician whose sounds a bit like Jack Johnson, but blissfully with less romance, more biting humor and deeper philosophical thoughts, courtesy of his Master’s in Spanish Literature from Auburn University. In this era of short attention spans, he wisely adheres to one of his favorite sayings about compact songwriting, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.” He gets more wit, exuberance and thoughtful reflection across in under 20 minutes than most artists can in double that time.

That’s because he’s a graceful, compelling storyteller who thinks deeply but doesn’t take life too seriously – even when he’s speaking from the afterlife, as on the edgy, sparsely arranged jangler “Welcome to My Funeral,” pointing out the hypocrites who showed up even if they didn’t like him when he was alive. Balancing this kind of morbid incisiveness are two tracks that tap into the whimsical side of his artistry. He wrote “Jamaicamecrazy,” a lighthearted ode to island culture and its “liquid sunshine” featuring a cool rap section by MC Tio, written on the beach in Ocho Rios. “La Farra,” which translates to “festive atmosphere,” is a joyful, Spanish rhythm infused celebration of youth that showcases the contrast between Brown Kid’s laid back acoustic vibe and speedy, percussive vocal approach.

As a solo act Eduardo Leon has continuously toured the Southeastern United States as Brown Kid from his new home base in Alabama while also branching out to New York, California and Texas. Most recently, he has headlined shows and played festivals such as Mulefest in Mobile, Al. He has shared stage with American Idol winner Taylor Hicks and runner up Paul McDonald. He has performed shows with Grammy Award winner Larry Mitchel. His eclectic sound has made him able to work with established signed bands, from different genres such as Pink Spiders, Phasers on high and Agent Orange.

While “Hole in the Wall” is an ode to one of the well-traveled, constantly touring performer’s favorite old haunts that he played as an undergrad at Auburn, the other two tracks on Rusty Strings form the true emotional core of the EP. The title track “Rusty Strings” is a heartfelt tune about an immigrant’s experiences, based on the hopes, struggles and faith of his father as he emigrated to the U.S. to create a better life for his family. His father, like Brown Kid himself, found peace in playing music. The singer incorporates his dad’s favorite phrase, “I swear,” throughout the tune, which blends organic sounds with trippy scratch textures. The easy flowing, hypnotic acoustic piece “Complacency” is a thoughtful reminder to appreciate everything we have instead of getting caught up in wishing for the things we don’t.

Lyrically, every song starts as poetry, which Brown Kid then creates a groove, melody and instrumentation around. Stylistically, he has come to embrace his “mixed bag” of genres. Some call it “soft rock,” “trop rock” and of course folk-rock, but he prefers the tag “multi-cultural,” which he recently heard when he was doing a radio station interview. “That’s 100% true, from reggae to folk, to rock, to a bit of hip-hop and punkish attitude,” he says.

“I mix all the genres that inspire me. My thinking behind writing is, I want to write the song I wish existed or was on the radio, or about a topic I wish someone would talk about. Sometimes they’re heartfelt like ‘Complacency,’ others are funny like ‘Jamaicamecrazy.’ But clearly, they would appeal to two different crowds. That’s what I aim for. Whether I’m singing about immigration, struggle, happiness, good times, contentment or philosophy, I feel like after you listen to Rusty Strings you have a pretty good idea of who I am.”

Rusty Strings
Song sequence

Welcome to my funeral
La Farra
Hole in the wall
Rusty String

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Tour Dates

09.25 East Gallatin Yacht Club (Bozeman, MT)

09.26 Monk's Bar (Missoula, MT)

09.26 Coaxial Arts Foundation (Los Angeles, CA)

09.28 The 1881 (Pasadena, CA)

09.29 WhySound Venue (Logan, UT)

10.05 Ooko Studios (Nashville, TN)

10.05 The Rebel Lounge (Phoenix, AZ)

10.06 Healer DIY (Indianapolis, IN)

10.10 Nate & Pets (Chicago, IL)

10.11 Coda Bar (Cleveland, OH)

10.12 LA Public Library (Media Lab) (Los Angeles, CA)

10.12 Bowlero (Detroit, MI)

10.12 The Nick Rocks (Birmingham, AL)

10.13 Candy Cane Lane (Kalamazoo, MI)

10.15 Rose Gold (Brooklyn, NY)

10.16 The white wall sessions (Sioux Falls, SD)

10.16 Kats House (Brooklyn, NY)

10.18 The Phoenix510 (Hazel Park, MI)

10.18 Sidebar (Baltimore, MD)

10.19 University of Oklahoma Fan Fest (Norman, OK)

10.20 Galactic Center Productions (Tucson, AZ)

10.22 Red Velvet Underground (Albuquerque, NM)

10.23 Zephyr (Santa Fe, NM)

10.24 529 (Atlanta, GA)

10.25 The Firehouse (Birmingham, AL)

10.25 Vinyl Ren (Kansas City, KS)

10.26 Down Under Lounge (Omaha, NE)

10.27 AndVinyl (Clarksville, TN)

10.27 Kitty Kat Lounge (Minneapolis, MN)

11.03 Drkmttr Collective (Nashville, TN)

11.04 Be Here Now (Muncie, IN)

11.06 Robin Theater (Lansing, MI)

11.07 Grog Shop (Cleveland, OH)

11.08 Blank State (Elyra, OH)

11.09 University of Oklahoma Fan Fest (Norman, OK)

11.09 Fuse Factory (Columbus, OH)

11.16 Demoplex (Brooklyn, NY)

11.26 BG's Lounge (VIP lounge to the Fillmore) (New Orleans, LA)

12.13 The End (Nashville, TN)

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