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Beck, W.C.

First Flight
Release Date: June 7, 2019


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First Flight is the new album from Brooklyn-based folk singer and multi-instrumentalist W.C. Beck, his first since releasing his critically acclaimed albums Sapling, Kansawyer and Quivira while living in Portland, OR.

Kansawyer sounds warm, lively and inviting, like a swell field recording of a particularly good back-porch country jam session. Beck puts thought and heart into his songwriting and occasionally haunts the listener by telling short stories of hope in a hopeless world.” – Willamette Week

“Sapling tones down the country twang of Kansawyer in favor of a more freewheeling, widescreen version of Americana. The real star is Beck’s casual but emotive songwriting, mining the emotional depths of balladry without a trace of schmaltz.” – Portland Mercury

“Tasty alt-country that doesn’t fit into any single corner of the map. A rollicking record that covers the full American spectrum of country, rock, twang, and folk balladry. ” – Huffington Post

Working with Vanity Sound engineers and producers Myles Turney (Philip Glass, Beirut, Boy George) and Joel Arnow (Loudon Wainwright III, John Scofield) Beck’s ninth studio album, First Flight was recorded in various locations in and around New York. Building on his country and Americana roots, the harmonies and classic melodies of his previous recordings, First Flight sees Beck explore expansive and emotive soundscapes, more lush instrumentation, raucous alt-country and moments of great intimacy.

After years working as a full-time musician in Portland, OR and touring with The Portland Country Underground, Blue Giant, Bobby Bare, Jr., and Quiet Life; and supporting tours with The Dandy Warhols and The Decemberists, Beck decided to go back to grad school. His studies eventually took him to Paris and during this period of transition, he wrote many of the songs that make up First Flight. After completing his studies, Beck moved to New York, where he began playing regularly in the indie folk and Americana scene. He met fellow songwriter Justin Wilcox and began working on many recording projects together, one of which would become Monteagle.

Following the release of Monteagle’s debut album Midnight Noon (Fire Talk) in late 2018, he has been touring and playing extensively. His time playing as a lead guitarist and multi-instrumentalist has influenced the recording of First Flight toward a full band sound with elements of late 70s country rock and cosmic Americana.

Recorded and mixed in 2017 by Turney and Arnow, the album was mastered in 2018 by Dan Millice at Engine Room Audio. First Flight is widely available June 7th.

Photos: Nehemiah Sliwoski


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