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Para Lia

Soap Bubble Dreams
Release Date: March 22, 2019
Add Date: MAR 26


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Based in the city of Cottbus, Germany, Para Lia is the newly launched indie / alternative rock project of German musician René Methner, who plays all instruments. Supported by the vocals of Cindy Methner he weaves melodic guitar riffs along with a very own leadguitar‐sound and analog synths to the distinctive Para Lia sound. Trademark is the combination of male / female harmony vocals in the chorus of the songs.

Methner played in several bands as guitarist, singer and songwriter. His influence mainly is the indie / alternative rock of the 90’s and the dark wave of the 80’s. But he says: “I am a big fan of Neil Young and Crazy Horse, I love the garage rock of the mid and late 60’s as well as a lot of great sounding bands from the 60’s on … There are no limits, a song is beautiful if he radiates something special.”

When René Methner finished work on the songs “Soap Bubble Dreams’” and “Higher And Away,” he decided it was time to give the project a name. Methner explains “I speak greek and Greece always was an inspiration for me. So suddenly the greek word paralia came in my mind, It simply means ‘beach’. And isn’t it a beautiful place to be? I like the sound of the words, and I am very lazy and was not in the mood to search around, so Para Lia was born.”

Para Lia is the most intimate music project either Methner or his wife/singer Cindy has ever made. “Everything comes deep from the inside, it’s a very personal thing” says René. “It is just everything I was breathing in on music influences during the last decades and my personal musically development over the years … what I am breathing out with Para Lia.”


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