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Rich Mattson and the Northstars

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Rich Mattson is a musician/songwriter and producer/engineer living in Sparta, Minnesota. He began performing in 1980 at the age of 13, and took up songwriting shortly after that. Since then he has led and played with several bands, most notably the Glenrustles (1988-1999) and national touring act Ol’ Yeller (2000-2013). In 1991 he opened his own recording studio in Uptown Minneapolis, and over the years has worked with hundreds of artists. Currently he is leading a cosmic folk rock group called “Rich Mattson and the Northstars” and collaborating with his partner Germaine Gemberling. He also continues to record and produce music at his recording studio, Sparta Sound.


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Tour Dates

04.19 JJ’s Bohemia (Chattanooga, TN)

04.19 Art Boutiki w/David Brookings and the Average Lookings (San Jose, CA)

04.26 The Satellite - "Meat Week" Release Show (Los Angeles, CA)

04.30 Seasick Records In-Store Performance (Birmingham, AL)

05.01 Standard Deluxe w/ Taylor Hollingsworth (Waverly, AL)

05.02 The Nick w/ Will Stewart (Birmingham, AL)

05.03 Waller’s Coffee Shop w/ Taylor Hollingsworth and Adam Klein (Atlanta, GA)

05.04 Sunstroke House w/ Taylor Hollingsworth (Columbus, MS)

05.04 Make Out Room w/ Tripwire (San Francisco, CA)

05.10 Harvest Records - 3:00 PM Duo In-Store (Asheville, NC)

05.10 Static Age Records - 10:00 PM Full Band (Asheville, NC)

05.11 8th State Brewery (Greenville, SC)

05.14 Go Bar (Athens, GA)

05.15 El Rocko (Savannah, GA)

05.17 Pablo (Clemson, SC)

05.18 White Mule (Columbia, SC)

05.19 The Royal American (Charleston, SC)

05.26 Blue Note Brewing Company (Woodland, CA)

06.06 Make Out Room w/ bye bye blackbirds (San Francisco, CA)

06.13 The Pour House Music Hall (Raleigh, NC)

06.15 Little Amps (Harrisburg, PA)

06.16 O'Brien's (Boston, MA)

06.17 The Monkey House (Winooski, VT)

06.19 Alphaville (Brooklyn, NY)

06.22 Fleetwoods (Asheville, NC)

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