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Bobbleheads, The

Myths and Fables
(PopPop Records)
Release Date: March 29, 2019
Add Date: MAR 19


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The Bobbleheads are an indie pop-rock band, formed in 2003 in San Francisco, CA. Currently consisting of John Ashfield (guitar/vocals), Pat Ennis (bass), Rob Harford (guitar/vocals) and Rob Jacobs (drums), their sound is best described as upbeat, but sly, hard-hitting pop with melodies that stay with you for days. But don’t confuse catchy with kitchy, they turn a tad serious on their new album, Myths and Fables.

Myths and Fables (PopPop records) was recorded between the spring of 2017 and summer of 2018 in San Francisco, CA with production and mixing by San Francisco music scene thriver Doug Hilsinger, who had the same duties on their last album, Make Yourself Happy.

Characteristically upbeat and driven by their signature sound of a custom-made-for-John 12-string Rickenbacker guitar, the album highlights “I Really See You” as the first song and video. Don’t be fooled by its sunshiny veneer. The lyrics are sung from the position as having been through some stuff, it’s not as innocent as it sounds. Ashfield’s voice remains in strong and compelling, with Rob Harford supplying a complimentary voice throughout.

Lyrically, “Holding On” explores the effects of clinging to a bad relationship, something also The Bobbleheads haven’t admitted to having before, but clearly have.

“Afternoon” is a Cure-inspired track that feels languid, with that tinge of ennui not typically found in their music. Overall, the album is less sunny than previous efforts, but too much sun can cause cancer.

While John has been the primary songwriter, usually forming a tight, direct sound, many of the tracks on Myths and Fables are either co-written or are band compositions. This new sense of collaboration fits well with John’s experiences, “I cut my teeth at the Stone Pony back in Jersey performing my Beatle-influenced originals. These metal heads in the audience would turn their backs to the stage and flip us off. That just made me more committed to my music.” John’s not afraid to share the pain.

The band continues to perform and record on a regular basis, searching for the perfect pop song and believing the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

On March 29th, the album will be released digitally on all major streaming platforms, and on CD / limited edition white vinyl at


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