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Happy Nothing

Happy Nothing
(Self Release)
Add Date: Jan 29


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What do you get when you combine seasoned musicians from other Lawrence, KS-based national acts Kill Creek & Conner with the added dimension of loss?

For former longtime professional musicians Ron Hayes, guitarist in the 90s indie/post-punk mainstay Kill Creek, and James Duft, frontman of early 2000s indie-pop outfit Conner, it was a reconnection toward creativity years after working together as music promoters. On a deeper level it was a new purpose: Happiness through a state of infinite questioning.

Ron and James had both recently suffered the deaths of their fathers, and they were each seeking ways to deal with the loss.

Both intimately acquainted with the emotional balm making music offers, they decided to get together to do what they love most. James and drummer Bryce Boley had collaborated on a number of projects, most notably Conner. Bryce was a natural fit to bring into the project. Bassist Jim Pillar had hung around the studio while Conner recorded, back when Jim was still a high school student.

All four share a love of late 80s dream pop, new wave and shoegaze and 90s indie and noise—The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Pixies, Pavement. They naturally sunk into that sound, and found themselves making a mix of the two in a very instinctive way. The band continues to focus on making music for its own sake, sharing its anesthetic expressions through self-made recordings from Jim’s home studio and the occasional live performance.

Happy Nothing set out to achieve one objective: Create music its members love making. The Lawrence, Kansas-based foursome, all longtime musicians, formed in 2018 with the goal of re-imagining late 80s new wave and shoegaze combined with early 90s indie rock under an existential lens.

Happy Nothing is the band’s first official release & was mixed by Ed Rose and Mastered by Adam Boose.


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