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Water and Man

Release Date: August 24, 2018


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Good vibes, and kaleidoscopic tunes herald Water and Man to New York City. They bring along with them an auditory mosaic of synths, riffs, and vocals in an indie and psychedelic rock blend that is turning ears everywhere they play. The band consists of Vic Delnur (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Lip dos Santos (keys), Eric Maciel (guitar, keys), Flavio Ferraz (bass, synth) and Milton Arantes (drums).

In 2014 WM released their first album, Into the Infinite, and quickly became one of the most noteworthy bands inside the independent music scene in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Three years later, the band made the move to New York City following new opportunities while also expanding into diverse musical styles.

Sonorously mesmerizing, their newest album, Phantasie, marks the beginning of a new season. Mixed by Daniel Schlett at Strange Weather and Victor Chicri at VCA Music the marks of two Grammy award winning producers are evident in the complexity and density of the compositions.

Phantasie, the quintessential title track of this new album, captures the spirit of this new musical movement through bold layered vocals and reverberating synths.

Produced by Vic Delnur
Mixed by Daniel Schlett at Strange Weather Studios and by Victor Chicri at VCA Music
Mastered by Oscar Zambrano at Zampol Productions

Photos: Bryan Trindade


Press Contact Bill Benson

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