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Millburn, Ben

Sunglass Moustache
Release Date: September 14, 2018


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What do you do when you want to get away from it all and relax? Do you put on a nose and glasses? No really?!? I just do not see how you can live in the world that you live in doing the things that you do.

Sunglass Moustache is a psychedelic record from Austin dwelling-Louisiana native Ben Millburn. It is also the name of the musicians and artists in his band and on his team. The band made the record in and around Austin, Texas at Church House (Robert Plant, Eddie Vedder, Black Angels) and Good Danny’s (Okkervil River, White Denim) studios. “We recorded the majority of the record live, vocals and all, about a week after we got back from a tour of the South. We recorded eight songs in two days. The rest of the record comes from studio improvisations and a song or two from my eight track. The first song ‘I Feel Something’ was one that we improvised in the studio.”

Millburn co-produced the record with producer and member of Sunglass Moustache, Panama Grant. This full-length debut is at times poppy, progressive, psychedelic, cosmic, Texan, funky, bluesy, melodic, driving, and visceral. It builds on the promise shown in Millburn’s self released EPs which drew comparisons to the likes of Kurt Vile and Matthew Sweet. The wider influences of this new record range from the progressive music of Talking Heads, Can and Frank Zappa to songwriters such as John Lennon and Jim James. “I wanted to make a record that was at times Elliot Smith and Vic Chesnutt and at times St. Vincent and Dirty Projectors. The spirit of Elephant 6 with the guitar of the Deep South – not too far from modern psychedelia like Unknown Mortal Orchestra.”

The album’s lyrical themes range from ego and indignation to acceptance and power. It moves from abstract addresses from the throne to reflections on guns in his native Southern Louisiana. “I think it is informed by the future, looking at the present, and planning for the past. ” Coupled with the record are eleven music videos, one for each song. Each video written and directed by Millburn and acted, edited, and shot by different members of Sunglass Moustache. “The videos tell the story of Mr. Tuxedo and his rise and reign in power. He gets help -or was it hurt, I can’t remember -from the other characters, Mustang Billy and Mr. Taco, along the way.”


Photos by Blake Lange and Andrew Bennett

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