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Dig This!
Release Date: July 27, 2018


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Lovehoney is a rock ‘n’ roll band originating from Brooklyn, New York, with lead vocals by Brooklyn native Alysia Quinones. Along with guitarist Tommy White, drummer Tom Gehlhaus, and bassist Matt Saleh, Lovehoney have brought the house down in venues across the East Coast.

Their sound blends the best of rock ‘n’ roll—powerful guitar riffs, heavy bass lines, high-energy drum beats, and compelling, dynamic vocals. As T.M. Brown of The Village Voice put it, their sound “drips with heavy distortion, the fuzzy feedback like the White Stripes at their grimiest.” The band formed in 2016, meeting through connections at The Sweatshop, a rehearsal and recording studio in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn where both Tom Gehlhaus and Tommy White have worked. The band melds together a range of influences to create their vintage sound. Polly Glass of Classic Rock Magazine tells listeners to “expect only the fuzziest, coolest blues rock—with jibes of funked up swagger and soul…if the Jimi Hendrix Experience was fronted by a woman, and tuned into the Black Keys era, it might have sounded like this.”

Dig This! is Lovehoney’s fourth EP, and the cover features a picture of guitarist Tommy White’s father as a young man. Similarly, the cover of Lovehoney’s first EP, Devil Woman, featured Alysia Quinones mom as a young woman. According to White, “Dig This! is a way to pay homage to a time when people wanted to listen to what someone had to say. We have our parents on album covers because we are a reflection of them and though we didn’t live in the 60s or 70s our music and style try to capture that moment.”


Photos: Missy Dee

Press Contact Bill Benson

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