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Lusitanian Ghosts

Lusitanian Ghosts
(Lusitanian / Altafonte)
Release Date: June 8, 2018


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Portugal is the oldest country in present-day Europe, they say: founded in 1128 with its borders largely unchanged since the end of the “reconquista” in 1249, from the Minho Province to the Algarve. Long before that, the Romans called it Lusitania, as before them it was home to several Celtic tribes, with central Portugal being home to one of the main tribes who fought the Romans, the Lusitanians.

Music has strong roots in Portugal, long before Fado was invented: Arabic influences are felt to this day. It is a country rich in a wide regional variety of chordophones and other instruments on the verge of extinction. These, we very affectionately call the Lusitanian Ghosts: the Amarantina, Braguesa, Campaniça, Terceira, Beiroa… with string combinations and tunings as varied as the several regions of Portugal.

Portuguese-Canadian indie rock n roller Neil Leyton’s last album, The Betrayal of the Self, was recorded in Sweden in 2006. Returning to his home country of Portugal in 2008, it has taken Leyton 10 years to soak up enough history to assemble the Lusitanian Ghosts collective: Swedish guitarist and singer Micke Ghost picked up the viola Amarantina; Vasco Ribeiro Casais, aka Omiri, plays the viola Braguesa and the Swedish medieval Nyckelharpa; O Gajo is re-inventing the viola Campaniça; Primitive Reason’s NYC native Abel Beja plays the viola Terceira, from the Azores; and Leyton, along with the viola Beiroa, has gone back to playing the bass (which he hadn’t done since the days of Passion’d Flower, his high school band in Toronto) anchoring the proceedings along with drummer João Sousa.

The Lusitanian Ghosts’ debut album was recorded at Canoa Studios in Torres Vedras, Portugal, by Nelson Canoa, who also plays some piano and Hammond on the album. The record was produced by Ricardo Ferreira (Blim Records) and mastered in California by John Golden.

The first video for the track “Trailer Park Memories” as well as a studio “Making Of” short film are Apple Music / Apple Connect exclusives.

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