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Sara O'Brien & the Community Rocks! Kids

Let Yourself Shine
Release Date: June 22, 2018


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Sara O’Brien is a musician, singer-songwriter and founder of Community Rocks!, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides children and teens access, opportunity and funding for arts, music and wellness programs.

Dedicated to the Community Rocks! mission, Sara teaches kids, teens and toddlers to write and perform authentic music that empowers confidence, inspires literacy, motivates movement and celebrates self-expression. Sara has recorded three albums of songs written “by kids, with kids, for kids.” The most recent cd, Let Yourself Shine scheduled to release nationally this summer.

Times have changed, but the need for kids to express themselves has not. In fact there is a more need now than ever before for children to have creative, active, healthy and safe lives. An advocate for the arts, Sara O’Brien is equally devoted to “motivate movement.” Having personally experienced the life-changing benefits of exercise, Sara became a certified Fitness-yoga instructor. While teaching in Camden, NJ, one of the “poorest and most dangerous” cities in America, she developed FITNESS ROCKS!, a program that combines music and exercise, giving kids positive and healthy outlets (for depression, anger, anxiety and impulsivity) while providing tools for focus, relaxation and overall health & wellness. Originally designed for children with behavioral and mental health issues (especially ADHD and ODD-Oppositional Defiant Disorder), FITNESS ROCKS! accessible and beneficial to all ages and exercise levels.

Born in Ohio and raised in New Jersey, “right over the bridge from Philly” (lyric from THE NEW JERSEY SONG) Sara returned to her birth state to attend the Ohio State University and dedicated two years to national service through CITY YEAR, an Americorp program. While teaching in Cleveland and Columbus, OH, with limited resources and little funding, Sara creating music and up-cyled arts programs (using donated and recycled supplies), taught teens history through theatre and kids literacy through songwriting. Hence, her life work began. She went on graduate from University of Georgia with a degree in Cross-Cultural Education through the Arts. While living in Athens, GA she was active in the local music and arts scene. As a lead singer of an original folk-rock band, member of the Us Arts Collective, she started BreastFest, a music festival in honor of her mother, Tyanna O’Brien who died of breast cancer when Sara was 15 years old, her mom was 49. Together with her four sisters, the Tyanna Barre O’Brien Breast Cancer Foundation was founded. Now 20 years strong, the five sisters host BreastFest and Tyanna Foundation events in various states up and down the east coast. The annual event attracts national attention and raises over $100,000 for patient care programs.

Musician, teacher and mother of two, Sara O’Brien has devoted her life to creating opportunities through music, arts and wellness to educate on social, health, and community issues. She has toured the country teaching children and families, bringing social issues to light and being a champion for numerous youth and education causes. Sara O’Brien has inspired thousands at festivals and events in schools and community spaces. She’s most often seen with children surrounding her who are always invited to be a “part of the band”. Her proudest moments being when her own children, SadieJane (10) and Marvin (5) are singing by her side. From BreastFest to WineFest to KidsFest, big stages to coffee shops to Fitness Rocks!, Sara O’Brien inspires audiences young and old to sing, dance, exercise, express, create, perform, learn, laugh and love. Always sharing her messages: We Work Together, WE ROCK! Be Yourself, Stay True!, BEING WEIRD IS COOL, Together we can FLY, Let your heart sing, let your soul sparkle, LET YOURSELF SHINE!

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