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Chapter 1
(Universal Music MENA)
Release Date: May 18, 2018


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The Future is Multilingual. We’re excited to share with you the debut work of Kuwaisiana, a full-bodied indie rock band with a world music influence. Developed by Kuwaiti singer-songwriter +Aziz and his trusty band mates, the New Orleans-based band has opened for notable indie acts at Gasa Gasa including Thee Commons (LA), Giant Kitty (Houston), The Kominas (Boston) and The Painted Hands (NOLA). The band recently ventured into Texas post-SXSW and is looking to embark on another tour summer 2018.

Kuwaisiana is taking their first steps at a time when the Arabic language faces serious challenges. On the one hand, America’s xenophobia has kicked into high gear. On the other side of the world, a new generation of kids growing up in the Middle East struggles to speak its mother tongue; the decision to write and perform in Arabic becomes even more critical. As you can see, Kuwaisiana’s Chapter 1 is split into an A(rabic) Side and English side. Chapter 1 offers 9 dynamic songs with a big band sound.

Lyrically, +Aziz works to explore dysfunctions found in the cultures he knows so well. Blurring the lines between personal reality and imagined experiences, his metaphor-rich lyrics sustain a tension between conversational and a more evocative, poetic perspective.

GABBA BARRA imagines scenes of how Sufis (followers of “mystical” Islam) were expelled from the GCC region and is sung in his Kuwaiti dialect.

THE JOURNALIST is a song about a field researcher who becomes emotionally unavailable to men due to a trauma she experiences campaigning for the Palestinian cause.

SAY YEA is about the steep social tests young Muslims go through to marry within their community.

MURRA draws a connection between the bittersweet taste of coffee and life (sung in formal Arabic).

MEN IN POWER is a ballad about the blindness of national pride and the desire to distance oneself from the negative impacts of patriarchy.

The band is less focused on identity politics and controversy, preferring to synthesize the experiences of everyday Arab-American youth and the emergent perspective of Khaleejis living in the Arabian Peninsula.

“At its core, the band is first and foremost a funk, rock, reggae band with the emphasis on spirit and personal authenticity. The band folds Arabic lyrics and musical touches into the arrangements, but they’re the seasoning not the sauce.” Read our Elevator Pitch on music blog, My Spilt Milk.

Give Kuwaisiana Chapter 1 a spin and we look forward to your reflections.

Press Contact Bill Benson
Radio Contact Nelson Wells, Katie, Lauren & team
Photo Credit: Laura Clifton Byrne

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