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Swimming Bell

"Desert Song (a lullaby)"
(Adventure Club Records)
Release Date: March 16, 2018


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“Desert Song (a lullaby)” was written on a cool October night. Katie had been attending a wedding in Joshua Tree and while driving back to Los Angeles, she took a wrong turn and her phone was dying. She decided the best thing to do was to pull off the highway and find a place to park for the night. While trying to sleep on a deserted desert road, she started hearing the calls of the night. To ease her wild imagination, she wrote a lullaby in hopes to relax and fall asleep.

Swimming Bell is the solo project of Brooklyn-based folk singer Katie Schottland, who has spent the last two years playing in various bands. She began to write her own songs after she broke her foot in the fall of 2015. Having had no musical training Schottland approaches writing melodies and progressions by ear, and with the intention to develop harmonies.

“Desert Song (a lullaby)” was recorded at Virtue and Vice Studios in Brooklyn, produced by Oli Deakin (Lowpines), engineered by Rocky Gallo, and mixed by Ted Young at Echo Canyon West Studio in Hoboken.
Katie and Oli have been working together for almost a year after meeting in Brooklyn the fall of 2016. Together they produced and released Schottland’s debut EP The Golden Heart in October of 2017 to critical acclaim.

They’re currently working on a full length album due to release summer of ’18.

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Tour Dates

10.18 Neck of the Woods w/ Lowpines (San Francisco, CA)

10.21 Whistle Stop w/ Lowpines (San Diego, CA)

10.24 Hotel Cafe w/ Lowpines (Los Angeles, CA)

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