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No Name Hotel

Release Date: May 4, 2018


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Tristan marks the first above-ground release by No Name Hotel, the nom de guerre of singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Farahd Abdullah Wallizada.

An EP comprised of four songs, Tristan showcases the artist’s distinctive compositional approach and unique sonic sensibility, merging emotional songcraft with evocative soundscapes, drawing from memory and experience to create music that’s consistently haunting and resonant.

A first-generation American born of Afghani parents, Wallizada spent his early life in Jacksonville, Florida, having little access to pop culture. That changed in his early teens, when he began pirating songs off of library computers, sparking an intense and sudden infatuation with music. Soon, he was employing demo-versions of music software to construct his first, rudimentary tracks.

In his mid-teens, as he dealt with a period of severe anxiety and depression, Wallizada began to seek out music with a darker, grittier focus. He eventually found solace in rock music, taking a particular interest in the grunge and alternative rock of the early-to-mid 1990s.

“I became something of a Luddite,” he recalls. “I set aside my midi keyboard, bought a guitar, started a band, and spent the next few years practicing and playing shows in dive bars across North Florida.”

Following the tumultuous dissolution of his band, Wallizada spent the next several years working in isolation, exploring new forms of music and opening up his artistic palette, absorbing many of the influences and methods that he would soon employ in No Name Hotel.

“I became fervently post-genre in my thinking and appreciation of music,” he recalls. “I was living at home and had ceased contact with most of my childhood friends, who had since moved on to college.”

Now in his early 20s, and facing an uncertain future following his parents’ divorce, Wallizada decided to pack up and move across the country to Los Angeles, hoping that the experience would serve as the shock to the system he needed. However, the move initially proved frustrating; not knowing anyone in the city, he grew more isolated than ever, and his initial brushes with the music industry were less than encouraging. After a period of frustration and growing pains, Wallizada released an embryonic EP, True Moon, his first work under the No Name Hotel monicker.

“It basically fell on deaf ears,” he says of that initial effort. “It had a sound that was scattered, unsure, and rough around the edges. But ultimately, it was a crucial stepping stone to my evolution as an artist.”

In the summer of 2017, Wallizada began work on what would eventually become Tristan, working in isolation in his studio apartment, and recording only at night. Following a period of experimentation via trial-and-error, he began to find his creative footing, tapping into a new, promising well of inspiration.

“The artistic intent,” he continues, “was to conjure up that feeling I’d had back home, during those lost years just before my move, when I was feeling alone, unsure, and confused about who I was and what I was doing.
I’d replay my past evening bike rides in my head, imagining my old neighborhood, a classical Southern residential area lined with large, forest-like trees. I’d imagine walking by the river at a park in my favorite part of town, a place where I’d first experienced the feeling of being in love. The palm trees overhead. The humid air. The Spanish moss.”

The resulting EP marked a significant creative stride forward for the artist. “Tristan,” he says, “is really an EP of reflections. Putting myself in the shoes of someone I used to be, in order to discover who I am now.”

Press Contact Bill Benson
Photo Credit: Claire Lejeune

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