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Madam West

Warm Bodies
(Floordoor Records)
Release Date: March 23, 2018
Add Date: March 13, 2018


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Madam West is an NYC-based experimental pop quintet. Originating as a synth-pop duo in a musty Bushwick basement, the group has grown into a five-piece fusing alt-rock, folk and neo-soul influences into a layered and danceable sound wholly their own.

The group has been favorably reviewed in IMPOSE, Tiny Mix Tapes, GoldFlakePaint, NextNorthWest, and Bearded (UK) and embarked on their first national tour in Spring 2017. Madam West has opened for Anna Wise (Grammy winner for Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly) and shared festival bills with artists the likes of Milo, Guerrilla Toss and Zola Jesus.

Warm Bodies is a misanthropic look at modern love, making a living and carving a path as an artist in 2018. Balancing complex rhythms and arrangements with a pop sensibility, Madam West takes an open-eyed look at issues many are grappling with in this politically charged era—nuclear war, tyranny, gender roles, the corporate world.

Frontwoman Sophie Chernin’s earnest vocals are burdened by social norms—“I suppose this is normally the time that I would move my introspection outside/have a child to worry about and not my own millennial mediocrity,” she muses on alt-soul ballad “Erstwhile Manatee”—while still serving up plenty of hope, humor and whimsy to the listener.

“Where much of the Brooklyn scene is seemingly tied down with notions of refined coolness and trends, there are a number of colourful glints in its furrowed amour – and Madam West are certainly one of them.” – Gold Flake Paint
Press Contact Bill Benson
Radio Contact Dylan, Lauren, Nelson

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