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Oberon Rose

Tell Me All About It
(ThouART Records)
Release Date: April 6, 2018


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Based out of New England, Oberon Rose is a Pop/Rock band that is built around the songwriting team of Tommy Oberon and Rebecca Rose.

In the same tradition as Elton John and Bernie Taubin, Tommy writes the music and melodies and Rebecca pens the lyrics.

“A wonderful retro-fried slice of Rock and Psychedelic Pop,” is how WCNI 90.9 FM’s Musical Director Brian Bourgoin describes their sound.

“Big Star, Badfinger, the Kinks, Tom Petty and T.Rex are the bands we are most often compared to, which I take as a great compliment,” says Tommy. “In terms of songwriting, I am heavily influenced by the British Invasion sound. As a lead guitarist, my go to player is Peter Green, the founder of Fleetwood Mac.”

“I don’t judge music as retro or vintage,” he says, “I listen to it if it’s good. The history of rock and roll is the history of blues, folk, country and gospel. It’s all of those genres mixed together. Certain artists bring out different aspects of it, but at the end of the day, it’s all rock and roll. With Oberon Rose, we try to pay homage to that history. I love electric guitar, I love melody and I love harmony. Those are the things I try to bring to the listener.”

“As a lyricist,” says Rebecca, “I want the listener to bring their own experiences to the song, so I like to keep it open. Let the listener decide what it means. David Bowie was a master at that. Garage Rock and Psychedelic Pop are the terms we most frequently hear when someone signs a Mailing List or buys a record after a show,” she says. “While we don’t necessarily aim for psychedelia when writing, when you combine Tommy’s musical sensibilities with my lyrical sensibilities, that’s pretty much what you get.”

“It’s in the vein of traditional psychedelia though,” Tommy adds. “I try to keep production simple. There’s some reverb, some delay, but ultimately, I want the music and the words to do the work.”

Oberon Rose has been playing the New England club scene as a trio featuring Mike Keyes on drums, Chris Listorti on bass and keys and Tommy Oberon on guitar and vocals since 2015.

Oberon Rose’s sophomore album Tell Me All About It is being released on their own imprint ThouART Records.

Photos: Tracey Kroll

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