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Red Black Red

Release Date: March 2, 2018
Add Date: February 20, 2018


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Red Black Red is an electronic rock act out of Central New Jersey. The band is the brainchild of Enrico Fernando, a veteran musician who’s been a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist for a number of North Jersey hard rock outfits (The Effluent, House of Leaves, Pavonia etc.). After more than a decade doing the local band slog, Enrico finally did the “settling down” thing, got married, and moved down to the Jersey Shore — intending to retire completely from music, and seemingly content with commuting to New York City for his regular 9 to 5 at an insurance company.

However, inspired by the vibrant arts and music scene in and around Asbury Park NJ, Enrico started work on a music project in 2015 as an output for his industrial/electronic music tendencies. That project evolved to become Red Black Red. Taking advantage of his freakin’ long commute to and from NYC, he started composing, arranging, and programming music with his laptop, on the train. In fact, all the music he’s released in the last couple of years, including the new album, were largely completed this way – and he’s jokingly referred to these collection of songs as his “NJ Transit albums”. Obviously, he can’t bring guitar amps and mics on the train, so the music is foundationally electronic. Vocals, guitars, and final mixdown of the tracks are completed in his basement, where Enrico has a mini home studio set-up cobbled over a number of years.

Red Black Red’s style is somewhat similar to TV on the Radio, Depeche Mode, and Nine Inch Nails, with concentrated doses of electric guitar. The music tends to be bass and beat driven, owing a bit to The Police. While some of these musical influences are obvious, Red Black Red’s music is undeniably its own, melding singer-songwriter sensibilities with a big electro-noise component — resulting in a unique mélange of sound and concept that is miles deep. This is not easy listening music — it reaches for tonal and musical complexity as it ebbs, flows, breaths, stops and starts. From a songwriting/lyrical perspective, Red Black Red takes cues from Springsteen and Pink Floyd, combining the immediacy of Springsteen’s language with the cerebral emotionality of a Roger Waters piece. Red Black Red’s musical goal is akin to a “firing on all cylinders” approach – i.e. it aims for both musical depth, to the point of Rush-level proginess, and songwriting/lyrical depth, where the songs could stand on their own played simply on guitar as café folk tunes.

About the latest album release, Resettlement:
The latest album focuses on the subject of refugees and the immigrant experience. The album was inspired by Enrico’s circle of family and friends – the majority of whom are the children of immigrants or asylum-seekers, or immigrants themselves; a fact that Enrico took for granted until recently. While the album has no overt political pretensions, it was spurred in part by the anti-immigrant / anti-refugee overtones present in current American political discourse. As an immigrant himself, the primary American experience Enrico has known has been that of immigrants and refugees – and the songs on this album attempt to voice that emotional and psychological experience.

Each song is a scene. The songs on the album are not so much stories, as they are specific scenes or situations. An avid film fan and animator, Enrico constructs the songs like internal dialogues in film scenes – with each song written from the point of view of a refugee with an attempt to express that mindset. The songs explore themes of displacement, loneliness, community, unspeakable violence, and most importantly, survival and hope.

Photos: Angela Fernando
Press Contact Bill Benson
Radio Contact Nelson Wells

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