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Helen Kelter Skelter

(Shaking Shanghai Records)
Release Date: January 19, 2018
Add Date: January 16, 2018




The name Helen Kelter Skelter may call to mind a visionless disarray, but the Oklahoma band’s sophomore full-length, Melter, is anything but. The aptly named album showcases what H/K/S does best—-a relentless fusion of everything good about rock ‘n’ roll. There are vintage organ flourishes over frenetic bass lines. Vocals delivered with glam rock swagger over subtle and intricate guitar work, deep in the mix. Droning loops, pulsing beats, and throughout, a confident pop sensibility that ties together what, in less skilled hands, could’ve been disparate parts. Melter nods to the band’s psychedelic tendencies—-fans of their signature fuzz won’t be disappointed—- but more than ever, the record pushes forward Helen Kelter Skelter’s singular gifts: immense technical skill and willingness to experiment in service to the song.

Press Contact Bill Benson
Radio Contact Nelson WElls
Photo Credit: Dylan Johnson

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