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Hammon, Matt

Silver Suitcase
Release Date: October 20, 2017


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Making good on lessons learned from his years drumming for the legendary Bob Mould (Last Dog and Pony Show, Body of Song), Chicago’s Verbow, and his formative years as a founding member of the iconic Austin, TX bands Mineral and (later) The Gloria Record, indie rock veteran Matt Hammon is set to release his own music into the world. Houston, Texas born, bred and based, Hammon has cherry-picked his 10 favorite songs from his own extensive catalog and recorded them anew for his cathartic debut effort entitled, Silver Suitcase.

Hammon’s music synthesizes the energy of the post-punk and college rock era with the drama of late Cold War UK arena bands, all the while clinging to the lyrical intimacy inherent to the American singer / songwriter tradition. Silver Suitcase is a rare, true solo album, written, arranged, performed (all instruments) and mixed entirely by the artist himself. The ten anthemic tracks are punctuated by thick, fuzzy electric guitars, angelic synth counterpoints, busy bass work, and Hammon’s signature approach to attacking the drumkit as though he was exacting revenge. As The Damnwells singer/songwriter/frontman Alex Dezen remarks, “This is more than a record; it’s a reckoning.”

Photo Credit: Anthony Rathbun

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