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Release Date: September 22, 2017



Conflict, raw deals and depression: Morrissey figured out how to sing pretty songs about that stuff and so has Ephrata (minus all the political awkwardness). Through lush, multi-layered, dream pop vocal harmonies and sparkling, shoegazey guitars the band weaves darker tales than the sheet music suggests.

Ephrata formed in 2012 when Seattle guitarist and producer Brady Hall found Skadi von Reis after a lengthy search for a voice to complete a big batch of recordings. They were so happy with the end result that they immediately enlisted bassist Jules Jones and drummer Ben Bromage to round out an incarnation that could pull the music off in a live setting. Von Reis and Jones draw on their college a capella backgrounds to craft intricate three and four part harmonies while Hall creates unique guitar compositions and sounds to mesh with a foot-controlled synth and Bromage’s percussion to create something bigger than a four-piece band should be able to produce.

The band’s sound can be traced back to 2010 when Hall worked with Katy Goodman to produce and record her first La Sera record (“La Sera” on Hardly Art Records). He developed a specific guitar sound and overall vibe while recording the music for that album and when La Sera moved on to different things and producers Hall was left wanting to do more with it. He spent the next couple years rolling the sound over into new material that ended up as Ephrata’s first singles and EP. Now, with the release of their first full length album, the distinct sonic identity has blossomed even further as the band explores new moods to fold into the music. Songs like “Sun Scenario” blend ambient feelings and warm seventies art-rock while “Evil Twin” evokes a trip through moonlit western mesas and “Sea Of Straight Faces” brings to mind the melancholy version of a fifties high school slow dance.

Two members of Ephrata (Hall and Jones) are filmmakers, allowing the band to make their own high quality videos and various other multi-media content. Hall’s useful skills also include sound engineering and carpentry, allowing him to record and master every recording from the comfort of the practice space he built with his bare hands and to toot his horn that he also built with metal he mined and forged himself (one of those things is a lie). All these “in-house” skills allow the band an autonomy that prevents them from being beholden to many hurdles that other bands have to deal with.

The release of their self-titled debut album will coincide with a new music video, a performance video showcasing live renditions of ten songs and some live dates in the fall of 2017.
Press Contact Bill Benson
Photo Credit: Brady Hall



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