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John Elderkin and ¡Moonbeams No Mas!

The Fall and Rise of John Elderkin and ¡Moonbeams No Mas!
Release Date: August 4, 2017


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An epic tall tale wrapped in the guise of a concept album, The Fall and Rise of John Elderkin and ¡Moonbeams No Mas! opens optimistically, with two teenagers falling in love at a used-record store. However, our heroes are tested when their dive-bar band receives an otherworldly message from the Cosmos. Rather than basking in newfound glory, the band faces down heartbreak and crushing loss before making a desperate trip to the moon in a homemade rocket, giant megaphone in tow.

Recorded over two years with a dedicated collection of Carolina indie-rock all-stars, the record features co-star Danielle Howle, whom The New York Times calls “an extraordinary mind, a southern storyteller with a gorgeous sense of melody,” R.E.M. producer Don Dixon, Robert Sledge from Ben Folds Five, as well as members of The Old Ceremony, Pressure Boys, Sex Police, Dillon Fence, What Peggy Wants’, The Temperance League, Hobex, National Symphony Orchestra, Popes, Spongetone, Hindugrass, Satellite Boyfriend, and The Coolies.

Paired with a backdrop of rock and roll that runs seamlessly from alt-country to psychedelic freakout, John and Danielle’s wild adventure takes place in a world in which rock stars are viewed as prophets. A world in which David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” promise that life on Earth will end in five years is taken seriously by all. A world of fighting the good fight despite impossible odds. In other words, our world, sort of. And in the end, the real world teaches the band a lesson we all eventually learn—the heavy price we pay when we go all in.

The Fall and Rise of John Elderkin and ¡Moonbeams No Mas! is a full-blown rock opera with fresh characters and a plot that veers from zany hijinks to spiritual quest and, indeed, includes an urgent message for the people of Earth.

Live-show extravaganzas are being planned for the fall.

We hope you enjoy the ride.

Press Contact Bill Benson
Photo Credit: Shaun McCarthy

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