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Parker Longbough

Bridges to Nowhere/Delirium in Lo-fi
(Wilderhood Records)
Release Date: June 2, 2017


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Parker Longbough is the recording moniker of Matthew Witthoeft of Anchorage, Alaska. Witthoeft first gained notoriety in the local music scene as a member of the band Uncle Jesse. After Uncle Jesse’s demise, Witthoeft began to perform with various band members under the name Parker Longbough. In 2006, Commander Comatose, Parker Longbough’s first LP was released; Longbough’s mix of indie and electronic pop with lo-fi country was well received, with NPR saying, “Parker Longbough specializes in the sort of sparkling, decidedly urban-sounding guitar-pop commonly found in college towns. Throughout its songs, keyboards bubble under layered guitar lines and light, occasionally programmed beats.”

Recorded over the course of four years in Kasilof, Alaska. Bridges to Nowhere/Delirium in Lo-fi catches Parker Longbough as he searches to better flesh out the sound and musical identity he first crafted on his debut album Commander Comatose. With 14 tracks and coming in at just over one hour, Bridges to Nowhere covers plenty of new musical territory for Longbough. Literary and cultural references and tropes range from Surrealist Japanese fiction (May Kasahara), to Southern Gothic (Same Time Every Year), and even daytime television (St. Jude). Familiar Longbough themes like love and family lost, awkward relationships, and the momentary highs and crushing, devastating lows of drug use and abuse are all present on this sophomore release available through Wilderhood Records. This album was produced by Longbough, Mike Nadeau, James Glaves, and Gregory Drais. Primary instrumentation and recording was also handled by the four, with additional contributions by Andrew Tholberg.

Tracks 4 through 11 were created to play as one continuous track with various noise, sound, and spoken word collages woven throughout the core tracks. These interludes add to the drama and despair surrounding Longbough’s outlook on life and relationships during his years in Kasilof.

Bridges to Nowhere/Delirium in Lo-fi will be available June 2nd on CD and digital download.

Press Contact Bill Benson
Photo Credit: Karen Witthoeft

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