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Release Date: June 30, 2017


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Suntrodden was born in 2013 as the songwriting vehicle for Erik Stephansson. Austin Town Hall has called Erik “a pop songwriter with the gift” and New Noise Magazine has described his music as having a “breezy, minimal feeling that leaves an indelible mark via lo-fi and warm alt-rock jangling.” Suntrodden adopts a stripped down production approach and streamlined song structures that place Erik’s “thoughtful” lyrics at the forefront. Built on a foundation of restrained percussion and unhurried acoustic guitar or piano, the songs are draped in chiming lead guitar lines, warm organs, and tasteful analog synths. On III, Erik delves into the struggle to maintain blood-and-bone relationships and self-identity in a soundbyte-driven online culture.

Suntrodden was initially conceived as a no-frills songwriting and recording project based on a set of rules designed to keep the writing and recording process focused. The rules allow for minimal editing, all tracks to be recorded straight through without punch-ins, a maximum of 5-7 takes with the best being selected, and instrumentation that Erik can play with his own hands (meaning no ‘virtual instruments’). Suntrodden released its first EP in February of 2016 with a follow-up in October of the same year. In previous lives, Erik has shared the stage with acts such as Lera Lynn, Andrew Combs, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Freelance Whales, Cowboy & Indian, Oryx and Crake, Book Club, the Viking Progress, and many, many more.

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Photo Credit: Jonathan Crew

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