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Everyone Is Dirty

"Teeth Of The Beast"
Release Date: March 10, 2017


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Oakland-based genre-blending collective Everyone Is Dirty is revving up to release their latest, but what better way to do that than to give us a taste of what’s to come? “Teeth Of The Beast” is a four minute, twenty second track of pure energy. Beginning full force, it immediately drowns your ears with sharp hits to the drums and invigorating guitar licks. Lioncub’s vocals come in low, seductive, filled with the stamina of every great punk rock vocalist. (We’re talking Joplin here, not just your every day, run of the mill garage band.)

The song is biographical, the “player who took a dare” is the remarkable Dock Ellis. So take the lyrics to heart, and use the energy this track undoubtedly gives you to start your own movement, with “Teeth Of The Beast” playing while you do it.

Front woman, Sivan Lioncubs says “Teeth Of The Beast” is a call to arms and a fierce homage to the rebel Dock Ellis, super fly radical baseball player and media antagonist who fought for the rights of African American players and in 1970 pitched a no-hitter on acid!!

“Dock spoke out and resisted racism and injustice even though he had a lot to lose. He moved fearlessly and used his status in the public eye to speak up and take no shit. Let’s be like Dock! Fight for our rights and the rights of others as fearlessly as we can. Let’s pitch more no-hitters on acid.” — Impose Magazine

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