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That One Eyed Kid

Crash And Burn
Release Date: May 5, 2017
Add Date: April 25, 2017


"Burn Out Right"

“That One Eyed Kid” is the moniker of Josh Friedman, a Boston-based independent songwriter, performer, and producer. Building from a soulful vocal performance, synth pop production, and delicate layers of acoustic and electronic instruments, T1EK’s songs are about embracing our deepest insecurities and holding them up to the light.

Until 2012 Josh was the keyboardist for the pop/rock band The Fates. When he wasn’t recording covers for his YouTube channel (with one in particular going viral) Josh began writing and producing his own material. In between outings with The Fates he started recording under the moniker That One Eyed Kid, a tongue-in-cheek reference to his bout with cancer resulting in the loss of his left eye. After the band broke up in 2012 it became his primary music outlet. As That One Eyed Kid, he has released 2 EPs and has toured all around New England and the Midwest. His upcoming EP Crash And Burn was co-produced with Adam Korbesmeyer (Esther Dean, Tribe Society), mixed by Alex Aldi (Passion Pit, Magic Man) and mastered by Grammy award-winning Greg Calbi (John Mayer, Sara Bareilles).

Josh is passionate about fostering a collaborative community with local artists. He produces material for pop/folk artist “Jenna Lotti” and drummer Kyle Harris and performs regularly with a wide range of groups. As a keyboardist you can find him on stage or in the studio with Boston staples like soul-driven Rock n’ Roll band Ruby Rose Fox, folk singer-songwriter George Woods, and experimental ensemble Ben Levin Group.

That One Eyed Kid has regular residencies in Boston (currently at John Harvard’s Brewery House and The Rising Bar). In May T1EK will be on tour with George Woods in New England and the Midwest to promote the release of Crash And Burn.
Press Contact Bill Benson

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