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Lá Vem a Morte
Release Date: June 9, 2017


There are currently no downloads for this release. Please check back later.

It’s been non-stop touring for Boogarins, since their October ’15 release of Manual. But they’ve still found time to pepper their fans with the occasional single here or the live album there (February’s Desvio Onírico). This Friday, the boys have culled together a surprise EP in celebration of their Summer USA tour, that began earlier this week.

Lá Vem a Morte features five original tunes, surrounded by three movements. Last year’s hit ELOGIO À INSTITUIÇÃO DO CINISMO sees it’s official release, as well as FOIMAL, the Portuguese version of A PATTERN REPEATED ON (the John Schmersal fronted single shared last month).

From the band….
Maybe it’s always been this way. But it seems that we are living in a time where you might feel pretty close to an unhappy ending, inside the chaotic situation of the nowadays world. Relationships lose their meaning. Cynicism is not just a feeling anymore. It is something solid, that hurts every time you try to consider that your wishes need to respect someone else’s lives. Every day, you don’t really want to wake up. The confusion of dark dreams is more pleasant than the weak form you assume day-by-day. Being attacked in so many ways and directions, that you don’t known the real reason you put yourself in this situation. These songs are a reflection of the lack of sensibility in which we live. Maybe it’s time to be strong, throw away the hypocrisy and face the bad and the good feelings at once… and find some deep truth besides the infinite superficiality of our days.

You can pick up Lá Vem a Morte this Friday, by visiting

Lá Vem a Morte Tracklist:
01. Lá Vem a Morte pt.1
05. Lá Vem a Morte pt.2
08. Lá Vem a Morte pt.3

Press Contact Bill Benson
Photo Credit: Beatriz Perini

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