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Raftery, James

Release Date: March 24, 2017



Steeped in drum machines, synthesizers, loops, samples and beats along with James Raftery’s voice, his new album EVERYTHING was born on a mountaintop hideaway after a death, a move, a breakup, and a recovery.

James Raftery was known for 15 years as Rat Wakes Red, a name for his project solo and with various supporting artists and producer/arranger Jeral Benjamin. After 4 albums and opening for artists like Bob Mould and Hayden, he decamped from New York City to the upstate countryside. A new solitude and hard-won clarity led him to retreat to his home studio where he began work on EVERYTHING, an album that marks a new beginning and a brand new sound for an artist that had relied heavily on the acoustic. EVERYTHING’s music was made entirely on computer and synthesizer; the only acoustic instrument is James’ voice. It was made over three years in week and month-long sessions, each song recorded as it arrived, giving it a real immediacy. Its songs are exuberant, passionate, driven, reflective and hopeful. James wrote, performed, recorded, mixed and produced while Scott Hull mastered for digital and vinyl at Masterdisk,

James moved to New York City in 1984 at the age of 18 and soon starred in a cult film called Night Owl with John Leguizamo and Holly Woodlawn, but traded that life for his music and his moniker Rat Wakes Red. He resurfaces now with his name intact and 9 brand new tunes. EVERYTHING is for anyone who loves synths and drum machines and infectious choruses. Influences include Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Giorgio Moroder, John Carpenter, Lorde, Wild Nothing, Egyptian Lover, Sufjan Stevens, School of Seven Bells.

EVERYTHING will be available March 24th on vinyl, CD, and digital.

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