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Release Date: February 12, 2016
Add Date: February 9, 2016


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Press Contact: Madeline Hassett

Takénobu is the moniker for classically trained cellist and independent composer Nick Takenobu Ogawa. Reversal is his 5th full-length album, consisting of 1 lyrical and 12 instrumental tracks.

Ogawa composed and performed the tracks on Reversal using a variety of traditional and non-traditional techniques to highlight the rich sound and dynamic range of the cello. He records using multi-layered and multi-textural arrangements, bringing the classical instrument into a modern realm. His self produced recordings often contain dozens of layers, highlighting a diverse range of playing styles that combine to create a cohesive and unified musical composition.

Ogawa was raised in rural Vermont in a small town with a population of roughly one thousand residents. He grew up spending most of his time playing in the woods, since there was no cable tv, and no next door neighbors. His parents, both college professors at nearby Middlebury, introduced him to the cello at age 6. Ogawa took private lessons until he was 18, and daily practice was a regimented part of his upbringing.

After years of private study and orchestral playing, Ogawa veered away from classical music and began to focus on a self-taught style of play and composition based on a variety of roots and world music influences, borrowing techniques from his guitar playing. Ogawa moved to Kyoto, Japan, where he spent a year experimenting with and cultivating his unique playing style and sound, at one point even injuring his wrist due to intense practice. He then returned to Philadelphia, where he graduated from Haverford college thinking that he would attend law school.

Instead, upon graduation, Ogawa moved to Vancouver, where he recorded his first full length album. Ogawa then moved to Brooklyn, New York and won the 2006 Williamsburg Live Singer Songwriter competition. With the prize money he was able to independently release his first album, Introduction in 2007. The release was modest and received favorable reviews, but did not gain widespread exposure. At that point, Ogawa all but gave up on his dreams of pursuing music. However, before doing so, he submitted his album to Pandora internet radio. Over the course of the next 4 years, thanks to Pandora’s recommendation algorithm, Ogawa’s music began receiving enough streams and sales to pay the bills. At this point, Ogawa was able to devote himself full time to music, and he has released 3 full-length albums since. He has enjoyed spins on NPR’s Morning Edition, opened for Kishi Bashi, and performed and arranged cello for Dessa’s “It’s Only Me”, on Parts of Speech via Doomtree Records.

Ogawa has lived and performed in New York, Philadelphia, Vancouver, BC, Kyoto, Japan and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


There’s something remarkable about this track, from start to finish. It opens with really light string arrangements, heavy-handed on the cello…the main instrument of Nick Ogawa. Soon, his voice enters into the picture, holding you close with his lofty pop ambitions. / Austin Town Hall

“Reversal‘s brand of almost-pop chamber music suggests David Bowie and the Left Banke as often as it does Ravel or Satie.” / Blurt Magazine

“It inclines towards folk when it parts from the stronger classical influences, but it never lets go of what’s important to the sound.” / D4AM

“Gorgeously lush and melancolic sound.” / Joy of Violent Movement

On his new single “Curtain Call”, he utilizes his cello in such a way to create some engaging and rather beautiful orchestral pop. Which, of course, bodes very well for the rest of the album. / PopMatters

These compositions by Nick Takénobu Ogawa are things of immediate, apparent beauty…beautifully eliding, looping and soaring songs of multi-instrumental prowess and emotional weight. / Slug Magazine

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