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Tour Dates

12.01 Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles, CA - solo show)

12.01 Emporium (Chicago, IL)

12.01 The Southern (Charlottesville, VA)

12.01 Botanique w/ Elvis Perkins (Brussels, Belgium)

12.01 Irenic (San Diego, CA)

12.01 Emporium (Chicago, IL)

12.02 Tree House (Lincoln, NE)

12.02 Black Cat (Washington, D.C.)

12.02 Le Grand Mix w/ Elvis Perkins (Tourcoing, France)

12.02 Outland Ballroom w/ Pokey LaFarge (Springfield, MO)

12.02 Shea Stadium w/ Downies (Brooklyn, NY)

12.02 Black Cat w/ All Them Witches (Washington, D.C.)

12.02 Tree House (Lincoln, NE)

12.03 Stubb's (Austin, TX)

12.03 Viper Room (Los Angeles, CA)

12.03 Boot & Saddle (Philadelphia, PA)

12.03 Isabella Gardner Museum (Boston, MA)

12.03 Zodiacs (Petaluma, CA)

12.03 Rhinoceropolis (Denver, CO)

12.03 The Warehouse at Mt. Victor (Bowling Green, KY)

12.03 Beauty Bar (Las Vegas, NV)

12.03 The Moon (Tallahassee, FL)

12.03 Boot & Saddle w/ All Them Witches (Philadelphia, PA)

12.03 Rhinoceropolis (Denver, CO)

12.03 Stubb's (Austin, TX)

12.04 Northside Tavern (Album Release Show) (Cincinnati, OH)

12.04 Kennedy Center (Washington, DC)

12.04 Rough Trade (Brooklyn, NY)

12.04 Studio on 4th (Reno, NV)

12.04 La Laiterie w/ Elvis Perkins (Strasbourg, France)

12.04 Diabolical Records (Salt Lake City, UT)

12.04 Moore's Store (Ben Wheeler, TX)

12.04 The Beacham (Orlando, FL)

12.04 Valley Bar w/ Israel Nash (Phoenix, AZ)

12.04 The High Watt (Nashville, TN)

12.04 Alma College, Heritage Center For The Performing Arts (Alma, MI)

12.04 The Earl (East Atlanta, GA)

12.04 Diabolical Records (Salt Lake City, UT)

12.04 Heritage Center for the Performing Arts (Alma, MI)

12.04 Heritage Center for the Performing Arts (Alma, MI)

12.05 The Olympic (Boise, ID)

12.05 The Ritual (San Francisco, CA)

12.05 Great Scott (Allston, MA)

12.05 The Hemlock Tavern (San Francisco, CA)

12.05 The Merry Widow w/ Pokey LaFarge (Mobile, AL)

12.05 Kilby Court (Salt Lake City, UT)

12.05 Culture Room (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

12.05 Georgia Theatre (Athens, GA)

12.05 Pappy and the Harriets w/ Israel Nash (Pioneertown, CA)

12.05 Great Scott w/ All Them Witches (Allston, MA)

12.05 Lovecraft Bar (Portland, Or)

12.05 Georgia Theatre (Athens, GA)

12.05 The Olympic (Boise, ID)

12.06 Black Lodge (Seattle, WA)

12.06 Sweetwater Music Hall (Mill Valley, CA)

12.06 The Haunt (Ithaca, NY)

12.06 1884 Lounge with Pokey LaFarge (Memphis, TN)

12.06 The Grey Eagle w/ The Black Lillies (Asheville, NC)

12.06 Bluebird Theater (Denver, CO)

12.06 Vermillion (Seattle, WA)

12.07 The Liquor Store (Portland, OR)

12.07 Soda Bar (San Diego, CA)

12.07 Angela Parrish DRESidency w/ Shelly Peiken (Los Angeles, CA)

12.07 The Liquor Store (Portland, OR)

12.07 Angela Parrish DRESidency (Los Angeles, CA)

12.08 Lawrence Joel Coliseum (Winston-Salem, NC)

12.08 Bar Le Ritz PDB (Montréal, QC)

12.08 Siren's Song Tavern (Eureka, CA)

12.08 ACM@UCO w/ Pokey LaFarge (Oklahoma City, OK)

12.08 Granada Theater (Lawrence, KS)

12.08 The Tractor Tavern w/ Patterson Hood (Seattle, WA)

12.08 The Echo w/ Israel Nash (Los Angeles, CA)

12.08 Siren's Song Tavern (Eureka, CA)

12.09 The Sunset (Seattle, WA)

12.09 The Garrison (Toronto, ON)

12.09 The Hemlock Tavern SF w/ Everyone is Dirty, DaMaDa (San Fransisco, CA)

12.09 The Loft w/ Pokey LaFarge (Dallas, TX)

12.09 Strange Matter w/ Mac McCaughan + The Non Believers (Richmond, VA)

12.09 White Eagle Saloon (Portland, OR)

12.09 Vega (Lincoln, NE)

12.09 Doug Fir Lounge w/ Patterson Hood (Portland, OR)

12.09 7th St Entry (Minneapolis, MN)

12.09 The Garrison w/ All Them Witches (Toronto, ON)

12.09 Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago, IL)

12.09 Hemlock Tavern (San Francisco, CA)

12.09 Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago, IL)

12.10 Bombs Away (Corvallis, OR)

12.10 Club Helsinki (Hudson, NY)

12.10 Bunk Bar (Portland, OR)

12.10 Studio at The Waiting Room (Buffalo, NY)

12.10 The Parish w/ Pokey LaFarge (Austin, TX)

12.10 9:30 Club w/ Mac McCaughan + The Non Believers (Washington, D.C.)

12.10 The Hideout w/ Mike Adams at His Honest Weight (Chicago, IL)

12.10 Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL)

12.10 Brick & Mortar w/ Israel Nash (San Francisco, CA)

12.10 Studio at Waiting Room w/ All Them Witches (Buffalo, NY)

12.10 Heco's Place (Oakland, CA)

12.11 Berlin (New York, NY)

12.11 Steve's Live Music Acoustic Show (Sandy Springs, GA)

12.11 Kelly's Olympian (Portland, OR)

12.11 Beachland Tavern (Cleveland, OH)

12.11 Underground Music Station (Hood River, OR)

12.11 The Continental Club w/ Pokey LaFarge (Houston, TX)

12.11 Floore's Country Store w/ Jason Boland & The Stragglers (Helotes, TX)

12.11 Blockhouse w/ Mike Adams at His Honest Weight (Bloomington, IN)

12.11 Beachland Tavern w/ All Them Witches (Cleveland, OH)

12.11 Non Plus Ultra (Los Angeles, CA)

12.12 Berlin (New York, NY)

12.12 Trunk Space (Phoenix, AZ)

12.12 Wandering Goat (Eugene, OR)

12.12 The Bug Jar (Rochester, NY)

12.12 Tipitina's w/ Pokey LaFarge (New Orleans, LA)

12.12 The Crocodile w/ Israel Nash (Seattle, WA)

12.12 Bug Jar w/ All Them Witches, King Buffalo (Rochester, NY)

12.12 Grey Eagle (Asheville, NC)

12.12 Trunk Space (Phoenix, AZ)

12.13 Le Voyeur (Olympia, WA)

12.13 Sister (Albuquerque, NM)

12.13 Brillobox (Pittsburgh, PA)

12.13 Kilby Court (Salt Lake City, UT)

12.13 Doug Fir Lounge w/ Israel Nash (Portland, OR)

12.13 Andrea Clearfiled Music Salon at Main Line Reform Temple (Wynnewood, PA)

12.13 Sister (Albuquerque, NM)

12.13 The Andrea Clearfiled Music Salon at Main Line Reform Temple (Wynnewood, PA)

12.14 The Garrison (Toronto, ON)

12.14 Sidewinder (Austin, TX)

12.14 Town Hall w/ Jackson Browne, The Mastersons (New York, NY)

12.14 Great Pacific w/ Israel Nash (Pendleton, OR)

12.14 Sidewinder (Austin, TX)

12.15 Petit Campus (Montreal, QC)

12.15 Double Wide (Dallas, TX)

12.15 Lowbrau (Sacramento, CA)

12.15 Marble Bar (Detroit, MI)

12.15 The Tractor Tavern (Seattle, WA)

12.15 Neurolux w/ Israel Nash (Boise, ID)

12.15 Marble Bar w/ All Them Witches (Detroit, MI)

12.15 The Double Wide (Dallas, TX)

12.16 Columbus Theater (Providence, RI)

12.16 Walter's Downtown (Houston, TX)

12.16 Doug Fir Lounge w/ Patterson Hood (Portland, OR)

12.16 El Rio (San Fransisco, CA)

12.16 Ace of Cups (Columbus, OH)

12.16 Exit/In (Nashville, TN)

12.16 Walter's Downtown (Houston, TX)

12.17 Rock Shop (Brooklyn, NY)

12.17 Temblor Brewing Co (Bakersfield, CA)

12.17 Founders Brewing Co (Grand Rapids, MI)

12.17 Spanish Moon w/ Rareluth (Baton Rouge, LA)

12.17 The Railway Club (Vancouver, BC)

12.17 Hi-Dive w/ Israel Nash (Denver, CO)

12.17 Spanish Moon (Baton Rouge, LA)

12.18 The Cactus Club (Milwaukee, WI)

12.18 Thirsty Hippo (Hattiesburg, MS)

12.18 Terminal West (Atlanta, GA)

12.18 Thirsty Hippo (Hattiesburg, MS)

12.19 The 40 Watt (Athens, GA)

12.19 Turf Club (St. Paul, MN)

12.19 The High Dive (Seattle, WA)

12.19 The Tabernacle w/ Thundercat, Tauk (Atlanta, GA)

12.19 Aisle 5 12/18-12/19 (Atlanta, GA)

12.19 40 Watt (Athens, GA)

12.20 The Hi-Fi (Indianapolis, IN)

12.20 Queen Ave w/ Faun and a Pan Flute (Nashville, TN)

12.20 Hi-Fi w/ All Them Witches (Indianapolis, IN)

12.20 Queen Avenue Art Collective (Nashville, TN)

12.20 The Press (Claremont, CA)

12.26 The Foundry (Athens, GA)

12.31 The Fillmore Silver Spring (Silver Spring, MD)

12.31 9:30 Club (Washington, D.C.)

12.31 War Memorial Auditorium (Nashville, TN)

01.08 Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA Record Release Show)

01.09 TARGET World Music Series (St. Paul, MN)

01.13 Zanzabar (Louisville, KY)

01.14 Lincoln Hall (Louisville, KY)

01.15 Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall (New York, NY)

01.15 Lincoln Hall (w/ Torres) (Chicago, IL)

01.15 High Noon (Madison, WI)

01.16 High Noon Saloon (w/ Wild Belle) (Madison, WI)

01.16 The Demo (St. Louis, MO)

01.18 Big Room Bar (Columbus, OH)

01.18 Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO)

01.19 Club Café (Pittsburgh, PA)

01.20 Boot & Saddle (Philadelphia, PA)

01.20 Red Room (Crystal Bay, NV)

01.21 Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)

01.21 Rickshaw Stop (San Francisco, CA)

01.22 The Roxy (Los Angeles, CA)

01.22 Southeastern Center for Contemporary Arts w/ The Dead Tongues (Winston-Salem, NC)

01.23 Red Room, Cafe 930 Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA)

01.23 Cat's Cradle w/ The Dead Tongues (Carrboro, NC)

01.24 House of Blues Boston (Boston, MA)

01.25 Casbah (San Diego, CA)

01.25 The Continental (Fullerton, CA)

01.26 DC9 Nightclub (Washington, DC)

01.26 Rebel (Phoenix, AZ)

01.27 Cat's Cradle Back Room (Carrboro, NC)

01.27 Low Brow Palace (El Paso, TX)

01.28 Aisle 5 (Atlanta, GA)

01.29 Stubbs (Austin, TX)

01.30 Eddie Owen Presents at Red Clay Theatre (Duluth, GA)

01.30 Dada (Dallas, TX)

02.07 Outlaw Country Cruise (2/7-2/11) (Miami, FL)

02.13 First Ontario Performing Arts Centre (St. Catharines, ON)

02.19 National Arts Centre (Ottawa, ON)

02.19 Hilbert Circle Theatre (Indianapolis, IN)

02.20 Winter Garden Theatre (Toronto, ON)

03.11 Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles, CA)

03.15 California Center For The Arts (Escondido, CA)

03.16 Zanzabar (Louisville, KY)

03.21 The Sunset (Seattle, WA)

03.22 Doug Fir Lounge (Portland, OR)

03.23 Humboldt Brews (Arcata, CA)

03.24 The Chapel (San Francisco, CA)

03.31 The Sidewinder (Austin, TX)

04.01 Rudyard's British Pub (Houston, TX)

04.03 Eddie's Attic (Decatur, GA)

04.05 Boot & Saddle (Philadelphia, PA)

04.06 Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)

04.08 Rock and Roll Hotel (Washington, DC)

04.16 Orchestra Hall (4/14 - 4/16) (Detroit, MI)

05.17 Richardson Auditorium (5/15 & 5/17) (Princeton, NJ)

Band Videos

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