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Tour Dates

02.26 Fonda Theatre (w/ Koreless) (Los Angeles, CA)

02.26 Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria (Knoxville, TN)

02.26 Mississippi Studios w/ Howlin Rain (Portland, OR)

02.26 Pelham's (Jacksonville, AL)

02.26 Schubas (Chicago, IL)

02.26 The Pizza Joint Downtown (El Paso, TX)

02.27 Fonda Theatre (w/ Koreless) (Los Angeles, CA)

02.27 Vintage Wine Bar (Redding, CA)

02.27 Tractor Tavern w/ Howlin Rain (Seattle, WA)

02.27 Cat's Cradle presents at King's Barcade (Raleigh, NC)

02.27 War Eagle Supper Club (Auburn, AL)

02.27 Donnie's Homespun (Springfield, IL)

02.27 Art Obscura (Las Cruces, NM)

02.28 Fonda Theatre (w/ Koreless) (Los Angeles, CA)

02.28 McMenamins White Eagle Saloon (Portland, OR)

02.28 The Willow Tree Coffeehouse and Music Room (Johnson City, TN)

02.28 The Hindenburg w/ Howlin Rain (Vancouver, BC)

02.28 Bunk Bar (Portland, OR)

02.28 Pub Rock (Phoenix, AZ)

02.28 The Loft (Columbus, GA)

02.28 Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards (Hendersonville, NC)

02.28 The Demo (St. Louis, MO)

03.01 Rockwood Music Hall (New York, NY Record Release Show)

03.01 The Fillmore (w/ Koreless) (San Francisco, CA)

03.01 Triple Door (Seattle, WA)

03.01 Shakedown w/ Howlin Rain (Bellingham, WA)

03.01 Amoeba Music (Hollywood, CA)

03.02 The Fillmore (w/ Koreless) (San Francisco, CA)

03.02 The Riot Room (Kansas City, MO)

03.03 Wonder Ballroom (w/ Koreless) (Portland, OR)

03.03 Kilby Court (Salt Lake City, UT)

03.03 Neurolux w/ Howlin Rain (Boise, ID)

03.03 BRIC (Brooklyn, NY)

03.03 The Echo (Los Angeles, CA)

03.03 The Slowdown (Omaha, NB)

03.03 Philadelphia, PA (WKDU Live Session (3:30PM))

03.04 The Showbox (w/ Koreless) (Seattle, WA)

03.04 Hodi's Halfnote (Fort Collins, CO)

03.04 The Bell House (Brooklyn, NY)

03.04 Annondale-On-Hudson, NY (Bard College @ Root Cellar w/ The Lentils)

03.04 Kirby Court w/ Howlin Rain (Salt Lake City, UT)

03.05 Soiled Dove Underground (Denver, CO)

03.05 Commodore Ballroom (Vancouver, BC)

03.05 The Bunkhouse w/ Howlin Rain (Las Vegas, NV)

03.05 York High School (Elmhurst, IL)

03.05 The Basement (Nashville, TN)

03.05 Renaissance Hotel (Asheville, NC)

03.05 DC9 w/ Desert Noises, Linear Downfal (Washington, DC)

03.05 Palisades (Brooklyn, NY)

03.05 Stonybrook, NY (Stonybrook University w/ Zula & The Lentils)

03.06 The Orpheum w/ Howlin Rain (Flagstaff, AZ)

03.06 Lost Lake (Denver, CO)

03.06 Emerge Fest @ The Space Ballroom (New Haven, CT)

03.06 Brooklyn, NY (Secret Project Robot w/ Zula, Baked & Leapling)

03.07 The Blue Door (Oklahoma City, OK)

03.07 The Mothlight (Asheville, NC)

03.07 Constellation Room (Observatory) w/ Howlin Rain (Santa Ana, CA)

03.07 Bryant Lake Bow (Minneapolis, MN)

03.07 Savannah Stopover Music Festival (Savannah, GA)

03.07 Club 156 (Boulder, CO)

03.07 The Bartlett (Spokane, WA)

03.07 The Basement (Atlanta, GA)

03.07 Girard Hall (Philadelphia, PA)

03.07 Philadelphia, PA (Johnny Brenda’s w/ Zula, Myrrias & Drone Ranger)

03.08 Bake's Place (Seattle, WA)

03.08 Hotel Utah (San Francisco, CA)

03.08 The Meatlocker (Montclair, NJ)

03.08 Baltimore, MD (The Crown w/ Chester Endersby Gwazda, Sitcom, Tendrills)

03.09 Black Cat (Washington, DC)

03.09 Richmond, VA (Sound of Music Studios w/ Navi, Dave Watkins, The Awesome Few)

03.10 Casbah w/ Howlin Rain (San Diego, CA)

03.10 Echoplex (Los Angeles, CA)

03.10 Town Square Tavern (Jackson, WY)

03.10 Annabell’s (Akron, OH)

03.10 Raleigh, NC (Slim’s Downtown w/ WOOL)

03.11 Sound and Page (Birmingham, AL)

03.11 Piolet Light w/ Hudson K, The Enigmatic Foe (Knoxville, TN)

03.11 The Echo w/ Howlin Rain (Los Angeles, CA)

03.11 Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA)

03.11 Moe's Alley (Santa Cruz, CA)

03.11 Axe & Fiddle (Cottage Grove, OR)

03.11 PJ’s Lager House (Detroit, MI)

03.12 Eddie's Attic (Decatur, GA)

03.12 Crepe Place w/ Howlin Rain (Santa Cruz, CA)

03.12 Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room (Seattle, WA)

03.12 Strummer's (Fresno, CA)

03.12 Oskar Blues Brewery (Brevard, NC)

03.12 Daytrotter Session (Chicago, IL)

03.12 Athens, GA (Caledonia Lounge w/ co co ri co & Red Sea)

03.13 Rubber Gloves (Denton, TX – 35 Denton showcase)

03.13 The Square Room (Knoxville, TN)

03.13 Leo's w/ Howlin Rain (Oakland, CA)

03.13 SOhO (Santa Barbara, CA)

03.13 The Waypost (Portland, OR)

03.13 Syndicate Lounge w/ Future Primitives (Birmingham, AL)

03.13 Neurolux (Boise, ID)

03.13 MELT (St Louis, MO)

03.13 Atlanta GA (Drunken Unicorn w/ Red Sea, co co ri co & Shampoo)

03.14 St Patrick’s Festival (Savannah GA)

03.14 Cause A Scene (Nashville, TN)

03.14 Beatnik w/ Pope, Shark's Teeth (New Orleans, LA)

03.14 Sweetwater w/ Howlin Rain (Mill Valley, CA)

03.14 Lee's Palace (Toronto, ON)

03.14 The Casbah (San Diego, CA)

03.14 Cafe Racer (Seattle, WA)

03.14 Hangar 9 (Girl's Rock Camp Fundraiser) (Carbondale, IL)

03.14 Birmingham, AL (Below at Doghead w/ Plains & 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

03.15 The Feed & Seed w/ Pree, The Cavemen (Lafayette, LA)

03.15 New Orleans, LA (Saturn Bar w/ Dolphin Mouth & Freddy Beach)

03.16 Rough Trade (Brooklyn, NY)

03.16 Three Links (Dallas, TX)

03.16 Super Happy Fun Land w/ Laser Background, A-Bomb, Dams (Houston, TX)

03.16 City Tavern (Dallas, TX)

03.16 Houston, TX (Super Happy Fun Land w/ Paperhaus)

03.17 Bowery Ballroom (New York, NY)

03.17 The Lion's Lair (Denver, CO)

03.17 SXSW (3/17-3/20) (Austin, TX)

03.18 Hotel Congress (Tucson, AZ Album Release Celebration)

03.18 North Star Bar (Philadelphia PA)

03.18 Famous Swords Showcase @ Nasty's (Austin, TX)

03.18 Horizon Records (Greenville, NC)

03.18 SXSW (Austin, TX)

03.19 Exploding in Sound Showcase @ Todd's Mansion (Austin, TX)

03.19 Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 (New York NY)

03.19 The Evening Muse (Charlotte, NC)

03.19 Lucky's Everyday (Wichita, KS)

03.19 Barley's (Knoxville, TN)

03.19 SXSW (Austin, TX)

03.19 MIT List Visual Arts Center (Cambridge, MA.)

03.20 Brass House (Austin, TX – Hand Drawn Records Unofficial SXSW Showcase)

03.20 MTK Tavern (Mt Kisco NY)

03.20 BreakThru Radio Showcase (Austin, TX)

03.20 Ebenezers Coffeehouse (Washington, DC)

03.20 Fat Bottom Brewery (Nashville, TN)

03.20 SXSW (Austin, TX)

03.20 Paramount (Oklahoma City, OK)

03.21 Gypsy Sally’s (Washington DC)

03.21 The Red Room @ Cafe 939 (Boston, MA)

03.21 Valley of the Vapors Festival (Hot Springs, AR)

03.21 SXSW (Austin, TX)

03.21 New Mountain (Asheville, NC)

03.21 SXSW (Austin, TX)

03.21 The Liberty (Inflated Records Showcase) (Austin, TX (SXSW))

03.21 40 Watt Club W/ Shakey Graves (Athens, GA)

03.21 McNally Jackson Books (New York, NY. 7pm – NYC Teen Author Festival – Reading/Signing w/ David Levithan, Andrew Smith, Coe Booth, Michelle Knudsen, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Lindsay Smith, and Jessica Spotswood.)

03.22 World Cafe Live - Upstairs (Philadelphia, PA)

03.22 Casbah (San Diego, CA)

03.22 Dan's Silverleaf w/ Foe Destroyer, Mark Lettieri  (Denton, TX)

03.22 Snug Harbor (Charlotte, NC)

03.22 Circle Bar (New Orleans, LA)

03.22 Charleston Music Hall W/ Shakey Graves (Charleston, SC)

03.22 Books of Wonder (New York, NY. 1PM signing.)

03.22 Rozz Tox (Rock Island, IL)

03.23 Drunken Unicorn (Atlanta GA)

03.23 JR's Lightbulb Club w/ Comfortable Brother, Pagiins (Fayetteville, AR)

03.23 Rozz Tox (Rock Island, IL)

03.24 The Echo (Los Angeles, CA)

03.24 Pour House (Raleigh, NC)

03.24 Slim’s (Raleigh, NC)

03.24 9:30 Club W/ Shakey Graves (Washington, DC)

03.24 Memphis, TN (Hi-Tone Cafe w/ Unisex & The Lagoonas)

03.24 Columbia Theatre (Hammond, LA)

03.25 Preservation Pub (Knoxville TN)

03.25 Club Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA)

03.25 Rickshaw Stop (San Francisco, CA)

03.25 The Cave (Chapel Hill, NC)

03.25 Tacocracy  (Cincinnati, OH)

03.25 Tea Bazaar (Charlottesville, VA)

03.25 Union Transfer W/ Shakey Graves (Philadelphia, PA)

03.25 Thunderbird Cafe w/ Horse Feathers (Pittsburgh, PA)

03.26 Ottobar w/ Deerhoof, Perfect Pussy (Baltimore, MD)

03.26 Rumba Cafe (Columbus, OH)

03.26 UFO Factory w/ Palaces, Double Winter, Duane The Brand New Dog  (Detroit, MI)

03.26 Conundrum (Columbia, SC)

03.26 Ortlieb's w/Diamond Rugs (Philadelphia, PA)

03.26 Irving Plaza W/ Shakey Graves (New York, NY)

03.26 Rock Island, IL (Rozz-Tox w/ Arc Numbers)

03.26 The Hamilton w/ Horse Feathers (Washington, DC)

03.27 The Rathskeller (Indianapolis IN)

03.27 Schubas (Chicago, IL)

03.27 Mississippi Studios (Portland, OR)

03.27 Basement Transmissions (Erie, PA)

03.27 Elliott Street Pub (Atlanta, GA)

03.27 Bowery Ballroom w/Diamond Rugs (New York, NY)

03.27 Joe's Pub (New York, NY Book and Album release show.)

03.27 Warsaw W/ Shakey Graves (Brooklyn, NY)

03.27 Chicago, IL (Situations w/ Chandeliers & Famous Laughs)

03.27 The Sinclair w/ Horse Feathers (Cambridge, MA)

03.27 Tim Faulkner Gallery (Louisville, KY)

03.28 Amnesia (San Francisco, CA Album Release Celebration)

03.28 Martyrs’ (Chicago IL)

03.28 Vox Concert Series @ Wildwood Station (Marshfield, WI)

03.28 Sunset Tavern (Seattle, WA)

03.28 Palisades w/ Daniel Bachman, Raccoon Fighter (NYC)

03.28 Hendershot’s (Athens, GA)

03.28 The Met w/Diamond Rugs (Providence, RI)

03.28 Royale Ballroom W/ Shakey Graves (Boston, MA)

03.28 Detroit, MI (PJ’s Lager House w/ Vness WolfChild, The Vonneguts & James Cooper)

03.28 The Bowery Ballroom w/ Horse Feathers (New York City, NY)

03.29 The Crepe Place (Santa Cruz, CA)

03.29 Burgerama (Santa Ana, CA)

03.29 The Sinclair w/Diamond Rugs (Boston, MA)

03.29 The Hollow W/ Shakey Graves (Albany, NY)

03.29 Columbus, OH (Double Happiness w/ Sweet Teeth & Reptile Fiction)

03.29 Tralf Music Hall w/ Horse Feathers (Buffalo, NY)

03.29 Palisades (Brooklyn, NY.)

03.31 The HI-FI (Indianapolis, IN)

03.31 Horseshoe Tavern w/Diamond Rugs (Toronto, ON)

03.31 Town Ballroom W/ Shakey Graves (Buffalo, NY)

03.31 The Drake Hotel w/ Horse Feathers (Toronto, ON)

04.01 The Demo (St Louis, MO)

04.01 7th St Entry (Minneapolis, MN)

04.01 Kings Barcade (Raleigh, NC)

04.01 Club Congress (Tucson, AZ)

04.01 The Loving Touch w/Diamond Rugs (Detroit, MI)

04.01 Beachland Ballroom W/ Shakey Graves (Cleveland, OH)

04.01 Pittsburgh, PA (Club Cafe w/ The Neffs & Big Gypsy)

04.01 Blind Pig w/ Horse Feathers (Ann Arbor, MI)

04.02 Riot Room (Kansas City, MO)

04.02 Schubas (Chicago, IL)

04.02 Tree Bar (Columbus, OH)

04.02 Launchpad (Albuquerque, NM)

04.02 Lincoln Hall w/Diamond Rugs (Chicago, IL)

04.02 The Ark W/ Shakey Graves (Ann Arbor, MI)

04.02 U Street Music Hall (Washington, DC)

04.02 The Basement w/ Horse Feathers (Columbus, OH)

04.03 Beachland Tavern (Cleveland, OH)

04.03 BSP (Kingston, NY)

04.03 Lowbrow Palace (El Paso, TX)

04.03 Turf Club w/Diamond Rugs (Saint Paul, MN)

04.03 Deluxe At Old National Centre W/ Shakey Graves (Indianapolis, IN)

04.03 Brooklyn Night Bazaar (Brooklyn, NY)

04.03 The White Rabbit Cabaret w/ Horse Feathers (Indianapolis, IN)

04.04 World Café Live (Philadelphia, PA)

04.04 Brightbox Theater (Winchester, VA)

04.04 Red 7 (Austin, TX)

04.04 Mission Creek Music Festival (Iowa City, IA)

04.04 Great Scott (Boston, MA)

04.04 Washington, DC (Above the Bayou w/ Zula & Palm)

04.04 Shea Stadium (Brooklyn, NY)

04.05 Great Scott (Allston, MA)

04.06 Union Transfer (Philadelphia, CA)

04.06 Fitzgerald's (Houston, TX)

04.06 Firebird w/Diamond Rugs (St. Louis, MO)

04.07 9:30 Club (Washington, DC)

04.07 Rock & Roll Hotel (Washington, DC)

04.07 Kessler Theater (Dallas, TX)

04.07 Radio Radio w/Diamond Rugs (Indianapolis, IN)

04.07 Grog Shop (Cleveland, OH)

04.07 Bug Jar (Rochester, NY)

04.07 Elliott Bay Book Company (Seattle, WA. 7pm – Reading/Concert)

04.08 Lucky's Everyday (Wichita, KS)

04.08 Grog Shop w/Diamond Rugs (Cleveland, OH)

04.08 The Hi-Fi (Indianapolis, IN)

04.08 House Show (Buffalo, NY)

04.09 Ashley Street Station (Valdosta GA)

04.09 Palisades (Brooklyn, NY)

04.09 Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO)

04.09 Phoenix Lounge (Brevard, NC)

04.09 Albino Skunk Festival 2015 (Greenville, SC)

04.09 Abbey Pub (Chicago, IL)

04.09 Happy Dog (Cleveland, OH)

04.10 Macon Beer Fest (Macon GA)

04.10 Webster Hall (New York City, NY)

04.10 Academy of Music (Philadelphia, PA)

04.10 Kilby Court (Salt Lake City, UT)

04.10 Black Cat w/Diamond Rugs (Washington, DC)

04.10 The Frequency (Madison, WI)

04.10 Double Happiness (Columbus, OH)

04.11 Paradise (Boston, MA)

04.11 Metro (Chicago, IL)

04.11 Beacon Theater (New York, NY)

04.11 The Bunkhouse Saloon (Las Vegas, NV)

04.11 Brooklyn Bowl w/Diamond Rugs (Brooklyn, NY)

04.11 Coachella (Indio, CA)

04.11 Bearstock (Macon, GA)

04.11 Tortuga Music Festival (4/11-4/12) (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

04.11 The Broadberry (Richmond, VA)

04.11 Cactus Club (Milwaukee, WI)

04.11 Coles (Chicago, IL)

04.12 Corona Theatre (Montreal, QC)

04.12 First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN)

04.12 The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts (Hartford, CT)

04.12 7th Street Entry (Minneapolis, MN)

04.12 Mag Bar (Louisville, KY)

04.13 Phoenix Concert Theatre (Toronto, ON)

04.13 Al's Bar (Lexington, KY)

04.13 Garrick Centre (Winnipeg, MB)

04.14 Lincoln Hall (Chicago, IL)

04.14 Merrill Auditorium (Portland, ME)

04.14 Slowdown (Omaha, NE)

04.14 Sugarlands Distilling Company (Gatlinburg, TN)

04.14 The Backdoor (Bloomington, IL)

04.14 O'Brians Event Centre (Saskatoon, SK)

04.15 Lincoln Hall (Chicago, IL)

04.15 The Palace Theater (Albany, NY)

04.15 Union Hall (Edmonton, AB)

04.16 Buffington’s (Milledgeville GA)

04.16 Cedar Cultural Center (Minneapolis, MN)

04.16 Cleveland Masonic Auditorium (Cleveland, OH)

04.16 The Bottleneck (Lawrence, KS)

04.16 Mickey's (Madison, WI)

04.16 Flames Central (Calgary, AB)

04.17 Lumpkin Street Station (Athens GA)

04.17 Palace Theater (Columbus, OH)

04.17 Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO)

04.17 Riverwest (Milwaukee, WI)

04.17 Coachella Festival (Indio, CA)

04.18 Spring Jam (TENTATIVE) (Charleston SC)

04.18 The Windjammer (Charleston SC)

04.18 Majestic Theatre (Madison, WI)

04.18 The Murat Theatre (Indianapolis, IN)

04.18 Coachella (Indio, CA)

04.18 Kilby Court (Salt Lake City, UT)

04.18 Kitty Cat Club (Minneapolis, MN)

04.19 Neurolux (Boise, ID)

04.20 Gothic Theatre (Englewood, CO)

04.20 Peabody Opera House (St. Louis, MO)

04.21 Midland Theater (Kansas City, MO)

04.21 Tractor Tavern (Seattle, WA)

04.21 Wild Joes Cafe (Bozeman, MT)

04.22 The Depot (Salt Lake City, UT)

04.22 Northrop Auditorium (Minneapolis, MN)

04.22 Mississippi Studios (Portland, OR)

04.22 Stage 112 (Missoula, MT)

04.23 Riverside Theater (Milwaukee, WI)

04.23 LE POISSON ROUGE (New York, NY)

04.23 Bartlett (Spokane, WA)

04.24 Roseland Theatre (Portland, OR)

04.24 The Great Scott (Allston, MA)

04.24 Chicago Theatre (Chicago, IL)

04.24 The Independent (San Francisco, CA)

04.24 Jewel Box Theater (Seattle, WA)

04.25 Eco Fest (Ventura Beach, CA)

04.25 Three Links (Dallas, TX – CD Release Show)

04.25 Imperial (Vancouver, BC)

04.25 The Parlour (Providence, RI)

04.25 Stagecoach Festival (Indio, CA)

04.25 Bootleg Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)

04.25 The Know (Portland, OR)

04.25 Odyssey Books (South Hadley, MA. 4pm – Panel w/ Lance Rubin and Nova Ren Suma.)

04.26 Boot & Saddle (Philadelphia, PA)

04.26 Straightaway Cafe (Black Mountain, NC)

04.26 Hollywood Palomino Night @ The Roxy (West Hollywood, CA)

04.26 Crescent Ballroom (Phoenix, AZ)

04.26 Oblong Books (Rhinebeck, NY. Event with Lance Rubin and Nova Ren Suma)

04.27 Bimbo's 365 Club (San Francisco, CA)

04.27 Masonic Temple (Detroit, MI)

04.28 Bimbo's 365 Club (San Francisco, CA)

04.28 Covenant Fine Arts Center (Grand Rapids, MI)

04.29 The Regent (Los Angeles, CA)

04.29 Massey Hall (Toronto, Ontario)

04.29 Coopers (Nevada City, CA)

04.30 Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier/Place Des Artes (Montreal, Quebec)

04.30 Tipitina's (New Orleans, LA)

04.30 Regent Theater (Los Angeles, CA)

05.01 502 Bar (San Antonio, TX)

05.01 Kings Theatre (Brooklyn, NY)

05.01 Sons of Hermann Hall (Dallas, TX)

05.01 Hemlock Tavern (San Francisco, CA)

05.02 Stubb's Jr. (Austin, TX)

05.02 Amnesia (San Francisco, CA)

05.02 WDVX Blue Plate Special (Knoxville, TN)

05.03 Fitzgerald's Downstairs (Houston, TX)

05.03 Fun Zone (Santa Barbara, CA)

05.04 Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre (Boston, MA)

05.04 The Belmont w/Diamond Rugs (Austin, TX)

05.05 DAR Constitution Hall (Washington, DC)

05.05 Gas Monkey w/Diamond Rugs (Dallas, TX)

05.05 da Art Center (Pomona, CA)

05.05 Flycatcher w/ Mystic Braves (Tucson, AZ)

05.06 Altria Theater (Richmond, VA)

05.06 Trunk Space (Phoenix, AZ)

05.07 Durham Performing Arts Center (Durham, NC)

05.07 Mercy Lounge w/Diamond Rugs (Nashville, TN)

05.07 Sons of Hermann Hall w/ Mystic Braves (Dallas, TX)

05.08 Psych Fest (Austin, TX)

05.08 40 Watt Club w/Diamond Rugs (Athens, GA)

05.08 Shaky Knees Music Festival (5/8-5/10) (Atlanta, GA)

05.08 Taos Brewing Co (Taos, NM)

05.08 Toquet Hall Teen Center (Westport, CT. 6pm – Reading/Concert.)

05.09 Saenger Theatre (New Orleans, LA)

05.09 Gold House (Albuquerque, NM)

05.09 Psych Fest (Austin, TX)

05.10 Majestic Theatre (Dallas, TX)

05.10 Opolis (Norman, OK)

05.11 Jones Hall for the Performing Arts (Houston, TX)

05.11 Vino's (Little Rock, AR)

05.12 Black Cat (Washington, DC)

05.12 Bass Concert Hall (Austin, TX)

05.12 Stone Fox (Nashville, TN)

05.13 Johnny Brendas (Philadelphia, PA)

05.13 Pilot Light (Knoxville, TN)

05.14 Baby's All Right (Brooklyn, NY)

05.14 Drunken Unicorn (Atlanta, GA)

05.15 Great Scott (Allston, MA)

05.15 Terminal West (Atlanta, GA)

05.15 Flicker Bar (Athens, GA)

05.16 Cafe Nine (New Haven, CT)

05.16 Graveface Records (Savannah, GA)

05.17 Mustang Spring Jam (Corolla, NC)

05.18 Beachland Tavern (Cleveland, OH)

05.19 Lager House (Detroit, MI)

05.19 Mothlight (Asheville, NC)

05.20 Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL)

05.20 Pinhook (Durham, NC)

05.21 7th Street Entry (Minneapolis, MN)

05.21 Bacilleaux (Richmond, VA)

05.22 Knickerbockers (Lincoln, NE)

05.22 Sasquatch! Music Festival (George, WA)

05.23 Larimer Lounge (Denver, CO)

05.23 Sasquatch! Music Festival (George, WA)

05.24 Sasquatch! Music Festival (George, WA)

05.25 Sasquatch Festival (George, Washington)

05.25 Sasquatch! Music Festival (George, WA)

05.30 Primavera Sound (Barcelona, Spain)

06.02 Copley Symphony Hall (San Diego, CA)

06.03 Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (Los Angeles, CA)

06.04 Mountain Jam (6/4-6/7) (Hunter, NY)

06.05 Fox Theater (Oakland, CA)

06.06 Lincoln Theatre (Raleigh, NC)

06.06 Field Day Festival (London, United Kingdom)

06.07 Middleton Place (Charleston, SC)

06.08 Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (Portland, OR)

06.09 Orpheum Theatre (Vancouver, British Columbia)

06.10 The Paramount Theatre (Seattle, WA)

06.11 French Broad Brewery (Asheville, NC)

06.11 Bonnaroo Music Festival (Manchester, TN)

06.12 Northside Festival (Brooklyn, NY)

06.12 Straightaway Cafe (Black Mountain, NC)

06.26 Big Barrel Festival (6/26-6/28) (Dover, DE)

07.11 Red Wing Roots Music Festival (7/11-7/13) (Mt Solon, VA)

07.17 Forecastle Festival (Louisville, KY)

07.18 Forecastle Festival (Louisville, KY)

07.19 Forecastle Festival (Louisville, KY)

07.19 Pitchfork Music Festival (Chicago, IL)

08.06 Ink-N-Iron Festival Nashville (8/6-8/9) (Nashville, TN)

09.10 Lockn' Festival (Arrington, VA)

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