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Altre di B cover

Altre di B Miranda! (Black Candy Records)

Release Date
October 6, 2017

Cameron Blake cover

Blake, Cameron Fear Not (Self-Released)

Release Date
November 17, 2017

Lá Vem a Morte cover

Boogarins Lá Vem a Morte (OAR)

Release Date
June 9, 2017

BATM cover

Brass Against The Machine Brass Against The Machine (Self-Released)

Release Date

Captain of Sorrow cover

Captain of Sorrow, The Racetrack Babies (Musikministeriet)

Release Date
January 26, 2018

EJCM cover

Eagle Johnson & Clean Machine Tennessee Beach (Self-Released)

Release Date
December 22, 2017

Fovea cover

Fovea Pencil Me In (Omad Records)

Release Date
December 8, 2017

Gift Altar cover

Gift, The Altar (La Folie Records)

Release Date
May 5, 2017

Matt Hammon cover

Hammon, Matt Silver Suitcase (Self-Released)

Release Date
October 20, 2017

HKS cover

Helen Kelter Skelter Melter (Shaking Shanghai Records)

Release Date
January 19, 2018

HKS cover

Helen Kelter Skelter dummy show Melter (Self-Released)

Release Date
January 19, 2018

Parker Longbough cover

Parker Longbough Bridges to Nowhere/Delirium in Lo-fi (Wilderhood Records)

Release Date
June 2, 2017

Pearl Earl cover

Pearl Earl Pearl Earl (Dreamy Life Records)

Release Date
July 15, 2017

Brad Peterson cover

Peterson, Brad The Ellipsis Album (Self-Released)

Release Date
September 22, 2017

Raftery cover

Raftery, James Everything (Self-Released)

Release Date
March 24, 2017

Romeo Dance Cheetah cover

Romeo Dance Cheetah Magnificent Man (Self-Released)

Release Date
October 27, 2017

Rust Dust Cover

Rust Dust Diviners And Shivs (Omad Records)

Release Date
September 22

Sighs LP cover

Sighs, The Wait On Another Day (Omad Records )

Release Date
September 8, 2017

Stills cover

Stills Work & Wine (Self-Released)

Release Date
December 15, 2017

swimming bell cover

Swimming Bell The Golden Heart (Adventure Club Records)

Release Date
October 6, 2017

Tgodst mm cover

The Gods Themselves "Marilyn Monroe" (Self-Released)

Release Date

TPF Alchemy cover

This Pale Fire Alchemy (Tone Tonic)

Release Date
December 1, 2017

updated TOMKAT cover

TOMKAT Icarus (Self-Released)

Release Date
October 13, 2017

Woggles cover

Woggles, The Tally Ho! (Wicked Cool)

Release Date
August 11, 2017