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About The Team

Public Relations, PR, & radio marketing for the new millennia
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If you are the kind of musician who wants to spend your life creating your music. If you are someone who wants to make a career of your craft, then read on. You may just put our Team to work.
We believe in artists who bust their chops until 4 am to get that song just right. We believe in the songwriters and craftspeople who are so driven and determined that they will do whatever they have to in order to live or die by their craft. We honor those who are so fiercely independent that they know no other way than doing it all DIY.
We do all of this because we believe simply that music changes the world. Craftspeople change the world. If your craft is what you do, let us help you share it with everyone.
For any artist, no matter how “big” or small, that’s what we do. We do PR.

Would these artists hire our team if they didn’t believe that?

From clients as widely known as Norah Jones, Sigur Ros, Shovels And Rope, and REM, to established indie artists and labels such as Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty Records, Mute Records, and Dead Oceans, to self-released artists like Cheers Elephant, The Gift, or Tow’rs our goal is simple: get maximum exposure, period.

With publicists worldwide and led by veteran industry pros Nelson Wells and Bill Benson we do this with seasoned know-how and our own fiercely independent passion.
See our 2,300+ satisfied clients and how our track record speaks for itself

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We are dedicated to the development of new and adventurous artists from the U.S., to Sweden, Iceland, Germany and beyond.

We are a team of publicists and promoters in key cities like NYC, Los Angeles, and Athens, Georgia.

We have one simple philosophy. We only work with records and artists we passionately believe in and feel we can make successful. When you work with Team Clermont you are part of the team. Always.

What separates Team Clermont from other PR firms and independent marketing companies is our ability to prioritize our records and pay special attention to the detail of each release. We keep a short client list and only work a handful of records at a time so each record and each client receives individual attention. Our artists never become one of many on a laundry list. We consult with our clients to develop the best marketing & PR plan and provide our results through detailed reports.

We believe that true success relies on integrity and letting quality speak for itself rather than aggrandizement and glad-handing. Simply put, Team Clermont gets results, and results that matter.

What We Can Do For You

…At Press

Team Clermont succeeds by utilizing our relationships with new media, online media, national, regional, college, and international press contacts. Team Clermont’s proficiency in PR stems from the enthusiasm for each individual project. The focus is on achieving maximum exposure to an audience customized for each artist.

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…At Radio

Our radio department gets results through years of long-term working relationships with over 400 college, public, satellite, online and commercial stations across the U.S. and Canada. Campaigns generally last 6 or 8 weeks, and are strategically planned to meet the expectations of every client on each record. Simply put, we get radio airplay.

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What They're Saying

Praise and Testimonials for Team Clermont - Music PR & Radio Promotion

Praise, Testimonials and Reviews for Team Clermont, Nelson Wells, and Bill Benson

Felix BechtolsheimerTeam Clermont are as good as it gets. We are a UK-based label and we were warned off hiring a US publicist. I’m so glad that we ignored this advice and decided to go ahead with these guys. We did an EP last year, which got fantastic results at both press and radio and we are currently in the middle of a full album campaign. Bill and Nelson are some of the nicest people we’ve worked with and they are coordinating and integrating amazingly with our UK and European publicists. We will certainly be using them for our future projects. Can’t recommend them highly enough!!

by Felix Bechtolsheimer

> Response from our co-founder
Thanks so much, Felix. The feeling is truly mutual. (reply by: Nelson Wells, Founder & CEO of Team Clermont PR & Radio Promotion)

Matthew SquiresI’ve worked with Team Clermont twice. I have no label support, do everything myself. There are other PR people I’ve worked with who were cheaper but nowhere near as effective. I’ve found that you really get what you pay for with this sort of thing, and Team Clermont is the real deal. They have always treated me with courtesy and had the perfect balance of professionalism and a warm, personal, supportive attitude.

As far as practical results, the albums I’ve promoted with them have ranked pretty high in the college radio charts, and I’ve gotten nothing but wonderful press from great outlets like Consequence of Sound, Stereogum, The Needle Drop, and lots more. Really can’t recommend them highly enough!

by Matthew Squires, Artist (Austin, TX)

> Response from our co-founder
Thank you so much, Matthew. You are always a pleasure to work with as well. You will forever be a part of our team. love always from Nelson & Bill. (reply by: Nelson Wells, Founder & CEO of Team Clermont PR & Radio Promotion)

Joe Kendrick, WNCWI’ve had great relations with Bill, Nelson and everyone at Team Clermont over the two decades that I’ve worked with them. As a programmer at WNCW, the relations with promoters and record labels is key to keeping great new music coming to us. Often the service level and/or professionalism of other reps can be lacking, but not with Team Clermont. It has been a pleasure to work with them and get to know them over the years.

by Joe Kendrick, WNCW Radio

> Response from our co-founder
Thank you so much, Joe. You are always a pleasure to work with as well. You and WNCW will forever be a part of our team. Love always from Nelson & Bill. (reply by: Nelson Wells, Founder & CEO of Team Clermont PR & Radio Promotion)

Kristoffer Ragnstam – I’ve Been working with Team Clermont for many years.
The reason why I keep coming back is easy.
If they like the project/song/band/album
They’ll do everything in there power to make a buzz.

by Kristoffer Ragnstam, Artist (Kungälv, Sweden) of Kristoffer And The Harbourheads

>Response from our co-founder
Thank you so much, Kris. You are always a pleasure to work with as well and on our long list of Swedish artists/clients, you are always at the top.
You will forever be a part of our team. Love always from Nelson & Bill. (reply by: Nelson Wells, Founder & CEO of Team Clermont PR & Radio Promotion)

Rich Mahan, Warner Bros – I love working with Team Clermont. They report when they say they are going to, and get the airplay results I’m looking for.

by Rich Mahan, Warner Bros / Rhino, independent radio promotion

> Response from our co-founder
Thank you so much, Rich. You are always a pleasure to work with also! (reply by: Nelson Wells, Founder & CEO of Team Clermont PR & Radio Promotion)