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About The Team

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Team Clermont is more than just another PR firm or Radio Promotion company. We are a team of motivated like-minded independent thinkers with decades of music industry experience who get results for our clients no matter how large or small. From clients as widely known as Norah Jones, Sigur Ros and EMI, to established indie artists and labels such as Sufjan Stevens, Asthmatic Kitty and Dead Oceans, to self-released artists like Cheers Elephant, our goal is simple: get maximum exposure for our clients, period. We do this with seasoned know-how and fiercely independent passion. See our many satisfied clients, and see how our track record speaks for itself.

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We are dedicated to the development of new and adventurous artists from the U.S., to Sweden, Iceland, Germany and beyond.

We have one simple philosophy. We only work with records and artists we passionately believe in and feel we can make successful. When you work with Team Clermont you are part of the team. Always.

What separates Team Clermont from other PR firms and independent marketing companies is our ability to prioritize our records and pay special attention to the detail of each release. We keep a short client list and only work a handful of records at a time so each record and each client receives individual attention. Our artists never become one of many on a laundry list roster. We consult with our clients to develop the best marketing & PR plan and provide our results through detailed reports.

We believe that true success relies on integrity and letting quality speak for itself rather than aggrandizement and glad-handing. Simply put, Team Clermont gets results, and results that matter.

What We Can Do For You

…At Press

Team Clermont succeeds by utilizing our relationships with new media, online media, national, regional, college, and international press contacts. Team Clermont’s proficiency in PR stems from the enthusiasm for each individual project. The focus is on achieving maximum exposure to an audience customized for each artist.

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…At Radio

Our radio department gets results through years of long-term working relationships with over 500 college, public, satellite, online and commercial stations across the U.S. and Canada. Campaigns generally last 6 or 8 weeks, and are strategically planned to meet the expectations of every client on each record. Simply put, we get radio airplay.

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