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Secret Stages logo

Secret Stages Music Festival Rocks Birmingham, AL This Weekend

Looking for an excuse to go to Alabama? Eager to one-up your friends when they brag about an upcoming band whose music they “totally knew when no one else did?” Secret Stages is the festival for you!

Featuring a lineup that boasts over 60 of the Southeast’s hidden musical treasures from across the spectrum (catch a death metal show and stick…

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Posted by Cecile Duncan on 07.29.14 0 Comments Article Link


Emily & The Complexes cover

Emily & the Complexes Premiere Jersey City Blues

If your summertime blues need a supplement, indie rockers Emily & the Complexes have just what you’re looking for. A smooth collision between blues and 90s alt rock, aptly titled “Jersey City Blues” is the most recent song premiere from Dirty Southern Love, the band’s forthcoming endeavor.

Driven by drums and distinctively southern guitar riffs, the song features no startlingly dynamic…

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Posted by Cecile Duncan on 07.03.14 0 Comments Article Link


Circulatory System Drops Mosaics Within Mosaics

Somewhere in space is a timeless zone, everywhere and nowhere at once, and on June 24th, one of its orbs descended upon us in the form of Mosaics Within Mosaics, the newest album by Circulatory System. Modern and traditional, chaotic yet not overwhelming, the most recent fruition of W. Cullen Hart’s endeavors, in collaboration with his band and a myriad…

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Posted by Cecile Duncan on 06.26.14 0 Comments Article Link


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