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Crushed Out's Newest Getting Rave Reviews!

Brooklyn’s Crushed Out released Alien Ocean last Friday and the good reviews just keep coming in. Elmore Magazine recently stated that “Taking a dip in Alien Ocean is refreshing” in their most recent review.

Not to be outdone, New Noise Magazine calls the record “one of the most varied and exceptional albums of 2016” in Tuesday’s review.

Check them for…

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Posted by Bill Benson on 10.06.16 0 Comments Article Link


Fiance color

Deleware Rockers Fiancé in Good Company

Fiancé’s newest “h.a.g.s” is on the killer August playlist from —- if you’re looking for some good tunes, stream it on , SoundCloud , or Spotify !

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Posted by Bill Benson on 08.26.16 3 Comments Article Link


The Shondes Discuss Newest Single "Carrion Crow" With Out Magazine

“We really had fun with the anger of this song, lashing out musically, letting the guitar call on cheesy ’80s tropes and just go with it,” shared Louisa Solomon, frontwoman for The Shondes, with Out about the band’s most recent release.

Listen to and read more about the single, its sound, and their forthcoming album Brighton over on Out Magazine.

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Posted by Kaylie Norris on 08.25.16 0 Comments Article Link


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