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Jamie1 by Kirby Stenger

Hēran Soun On Tour Now in Support of #SAVEOURSTAGES

Like many artists, Hēran Soun was planning to tour this fall, in support of his debut LP, Undeaf, releasing October 9th. Since he couldn’t do a traditional tour, he decided to help out those venues that are closed. He’s driving across the country, in support of the #SAVEOURSTAGESACT. We need Congress to pass this bill. And the more people…

Ohms SSF cover

Terry Ohms comes calling

Birmingham, AL’s Terry Ohms is releasing his new album, Smooth Sailing Forever on August 14th. He just premiered the video for his new single, “Gentleman Caller” on B-Sides & Badlands.

Jason Scott writes that the song is “mangling musicality that really knocks you for a loop, firmly plant in uncertain emotional turmoil.”

Read the entire premiere HERE.

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Posted by Adam- Surviving the Golden Age on 08.13.20 0 Comments Article Link

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Dave on the rocks

David Newton gives Earbuddy an earful

David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels will release their new album, A Gateway to a Lifetime of Disappointment on August 14th. They premiered the album’s latest single with Earbuddy.

Earbuddy called “In Love & War,” “a jaunty new pop single that was apparently inspired by a dream about the Pet Shop Boys.”

You can read the full premiere HERE.

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Posted by Adam- Surviving the Golden Age on 08.13.20 0 Comments Article Link

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