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Takénobu premieres new track in advance of this week's release!

Our friends at Surviving the Golden Age just premiered the newest track “Reversing” from Takénobu‘s upcoming record Reversal.

“Equal parts beautiful and aggressive,” it’s a refreshing take on cello techniques ranging from traditional to experimental. We’re looking forward to sharing the rest of the record with you, but for now give “Reversing” a listen over at Surviving the Golden…

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Posted by Madeline Hassett on 02.08.16 0 Comments Article Link



Due to self-release his debut Reversal on 2/12, Impose describes Takénobu’s first single “Curtain Call” as “the sorts of string-swaying sentiments one hears after the great finale has passed and all the actresses and actors take to the stage for one last curtsy and bow.” Check it out on Impose!

Noisey Premiered Iska Dhaaf's "Invisible Cities," The First Single Off Their Upcoming Album 'The Wanting Creature'


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Posted by Kelly McClure on 02.05.16 0 Comments Article Link


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